John Elliot FW16 Collection

John Elliot (formerly John Elliot Co) is best known for men’s basics; the crux of which have been his hoodies, sweatshirts and crewnecks. Styles such as the Villain hoody, Escobar Sweatpants, and Mercer tees have gained a dedicated following and helped propel the brand’s growth to new markets. For Fall/Winter 2016 , the label aims to established a broader scope, bringing in new pieces like a shaggy fleece pullover (which resembles vintage Patagonia),  quilted down pieces and heavier wool and leather outerwear pieces. The show was sequenced and styled by color, going from clinical all-white looks to greys, olives and finally deep burgundy. Time will tell if guys will snap up the more elaborate pieces as quickly as as the basics but look for the items to be available this summer through their official site and stockists.

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