Friends: How Many of Us Have Them?

Friends: how many of us have them? by Lucas Tyson

(Editors note:Whodini may have some input on this)

I had an easy time making friends in college. Relating to others came naturally because we were all thrust into the similar circumstance of a brand new environment that we had to learn together, along with an abundance of free time to socialize. I finished school and still made friends, but they came at a considerably slower rate. Less free time, more stress. Over time the closest of my college friends began to leave New York, and my social life began to disintegrate. This was extremely troubling, because let’s face it, when you’re drinking alone at noon on a Sunday, it’s not called “brunch” it’s called “a drinking problem.”

After much introspection I realized the reason I wasn’t acquiring friends was internal: I was waiting for people to find me instead of pursuing them on my own. If you’re reading this you may be experiencing the same things. There is a method to making friends that works for me, and I’ve broken it down into four parts to ease the process for you. Click through to see what they are..

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