Interview with Claire Geist of DeLune

It’s always nice to look at the blogs of your friends because you get a little bit more from the experience. When I first met Claire, I wasn’t aware of her blog De Lune, I did however notice her easy-going and effortless style. Clothes always work best when they reflect the wearers interests and personality and Claire has certainly been able to find that for herself. She’s been sharing her thoughts, images, and outfits with the world since 2008 when she first started blogging. In the years since, she’s had quite a bit of success at building a large engaged audience. Claire has been featured on everywhere from Refinery29 to Teen Vogue. She’s currently studying Fashion and Art Fashion at The New School.  I spoke with her about her approach to style , the evolution of her blog and the upcoming collaborations she’s been working on.

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