Interview with Brett and Guy of Viberg Boot

Today I’m proud to bring you an interview I did with Brett Viberg and Guy Ferguson, two of the people steering the ship at Viberg Boot. Viberg is a Canadian owned and operated family business, based in Victoria, British Columbia. In 1931  founder Ed Viberg set out to craft the highest quality boots he could. That dedication to product is still at the heart of everything Viberg does. While the boots were originally targeted to workers in the logging industry, the brand has been in successful in reaching a more fashion conscious market partially due to collaborations with Inventory Magazine, Flathead and most recently Nigel Cabourn.  I spoke with Brett and Guy about some of latest developments at Viberg and the challenges of expanding the audience of a storied Canadian brand.

Read the feature after the jump (All the beautiful Black & White shots of the Viberg factory/offices were shot by Guy himself)

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