C.E SS14 Collection Video

C.E (CAVEMPT) has just released a video showcasing items from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The visual features a variety of cropped detail shots of the pieces in slow motion. To me it really gave off the feeling of what attending a C.E presentation in person must be like. The music and visual effects serve as useful additions; adding atmosphere to the clip’s otherwise straightforward style. It’s nice to see the C.E looks head to toe like this in such a clear video (particularly in contrast to prior videos C.E has put out). I definitely enjoyed seeing this video much more than most ‘fashion’ videos out there. 

C.E is a hard brand to pin down as it really stands at the intersection of all these disparate influences. The quality of the garments keep it from entering gimmicky territory. I got to check these Spring pieces when they were samples were on display at the brand’s New York Showroom and I hope to share snaps from that with you shortly.

You can start purchasing select spring pieces now directly from C.E’s webshop. I’ve listed my personal favorite pieces below:




GLOVE by Ashram Japan

PVC #3 Jacket