An Introduction to Silent Whisper


Not much is known about accessories label Silent Whisper. From the small number of online communications that have been released , we can piece together some key information on the secretive Asia-based outfit. Silent Whisper produces a variety of leather goods : belts, bags, bracelets, necklaces and wallets.

The leather items are carefully crafted and in most cases, handsewn. The look is decidedly raw and this is further emphasized by the distressed materials and gloomy industrial visuals released through their tumblr and other outlets. There’s also a strong militaristic presence  in the brands visual language that’s hard to place a finger on, but works on a very personal level for me. Considering the apparent quality of the pieces, the price-points are incredibly fair. Small leather goods and accessories start at around $50. Belts and larger wallets will run you in the $100-$150 range and bags around $500. Look out for more in-depth coverage of the line in the coming days.