Third Looks Editorial: Selfie Involved

I teamed up with stylist Jamie Ortega and Saada for this editorial that highlights how social media has made us all curators of our digital image.

“We have several social media outlets to make us look fabulous doing the mundane, like we have a paparazzi squad trailing us. Whether it’s making sure to beautifully style the breakfast spread or dressing up for coffee meeting, there’s an audience watching your feed. The metrics of followers and likes are still being analyzed, and PR and advertising agencies are chomping at the bit on how to translate social presence into sales conversion. To be honest, I find the whole new media thing pretty fascinating. But, all I really want to know is: If I follow you will you follow me back?” – Jamie Ortega

Actual selfies were taken in the making of this editorial and they can been seen on Saada’s instagram.

Look 1: House dress (Saada’s own)

Look 2: Yanghi Jacket, Acne tank, Topshop skirt

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Look 3: Topshop tank and overalls, Prada sandals, Karen Walker sunglasses and Supreme bandana

Look 4 :  Helmut Lang jacket, Topshop shorts, Prada sandals, Topshop socks

Cherie wears: Acne shirt, J Brand shorts, Topshop socks, Prada sandals

Look 5:  Alexander Wang top, Topshop shorts, Elmyr necklace, Acne sunglasses, Converse x Marimekko shoes Topshop socks

Styling : Jamie Ortega

Models: Saada and Cherie

Make-up: Stephanie Lei

Photography: Rocky Li