Talking about the Abstraction FW13

Talking about the Abstraction sounds like the name of second year philosophy course. Despite the silly moniker the brand has put forth an impressive Fall/Winter 2013 showing. I believe there are brands that emphasize design and brands that emphasize styling. This is¬†definitely¬†a brand that carefully consider it’s styling and presentation.¬†¬†First launched in 2001 by Naoki Ichihara, Tadanao Yamashita and Shingo Otsuka the line re-mixes elements of vintage clothing and presents it through a¬†nostalgic¬†filter that takes inspirations from the 1970s-90s. In this print heavy collection, staples such as denim, jackets, hoodies and knits are shaken up in unexpected ways. Best examples of the brand’s approach are the plain flannels with tiny hits of plaid or the patchwork jeans which look like they’ve been worn for decades. The anti-fit of the brand is also a nice departure from the slim , proper fit which has become the industry norm in menswear.