Video: Haven speaks to Shinsuke Takizawa of Neighborhood

Dialogue 08: A Conversation with Shinsuke Takizawa from HAVENSHOP on Vimeo.

Haven posted up this ¬†dialogue¬†with¬†Shinsuke Takizawa. Footage from both of¬†NBHD‚Äôs Tokyo brick & mortar stores is spliced in with an interview with the head of¬†Neighborhood. Mr.¬†Takizawa shares his personal viewpoints on design and how everything he does with the brand¬†coincides¬†with his lifestyle and long-time hobbies of rock and roll and motoring. I have noticed that all of my favorite designers tend to really pull from a very personal place. I believe it’s incredibly important for creatives to have blinders on at times and separate themselves from the influence of industry trends.

Via Haven