Thom Browne feature in the New York Times

With Thom Browne’s New York Fashion Week women’s show this upcoming Monday, the New York Times published a fantastic piece on him today by Guy Trebay. I thought the passage below really captures the essense of the Thom Browne brand.

“Cool is a word Mr. Browne uses a lot and is as good a term as any to define his aesthetic. His preferred form of cool is McLuhan-esque, emotionless, its iconography period-specific.

The period is the middle of the 20th century and the purest images of midcentury cool, Mr. Browne says, are those of Steve McQueen in “The Thomas Crown Affair,” John F. Kennedy while still junior senator from Massachusetts, and Thomas Watson types in tie-clips and wing tips, toting Samsonite attaché cases to their jobs running I.B.M.”

“Certainly the men’s wear that made his reputation — whittled-down suits, rejiggered Oxford cloth button-downs, bow ties, seersucker preppy shorts, letterman cardigans, brogues with Frankenstein soles, knitwear adorned with tennis-club chevrons and a welter of other skewed emblems of upper class folkways — were a rebuke to the late 20th century slob-fest resulting from years of dreary casual Fridays and a sartorial lack of discipline.”

I can’t wait to see what theatrics Mr.Browne has in-store for the show Monday. His was my favorite show last-fashion week  and you can see read my review of that HERE.

Read the piece on NYT