Style Profile: Charly

Our sense of style is rarely stagnant; I love that as we evolve and change as people, our wardrobes quickly follow. Since I’ve met Charly he has added many pieces that compliment his lifestyle and changing physique. While fashion is often focused on the concept of an “ideal” physique it is more inspiring for me to see people who are comfortable in their clothes. Rick Owens once said “Working out is modern couture”. Perhaps the larger lesson from that statement is that clothes shouldn’t dictate your lifestyle, your lifestyle should dictate the clothes you choose. ¬†Some of you may be familar with Charly from his role as community manager with¬†TOJ¬†(purveyors¬†of fine leather jackets) ¬†but this feature should provide you plenty more insight into his personal style.

Look 1
Rick Owens Intarsia mid-collar leather jacket
Rick Owens sweat pants
Custom made T-Shirt
Ann Demeulemeester combat boots

When did you begin caring about clothes and how has your style evolved since then?

The first time I began caring about clothes was in middle school when I got my first pair of Jordans and then Timberlands during my high school year in Philadelphia. ¬†This evolved into brands like Akademiks and Enyce paired with a throwback and a pair of AF1’s on my feet. Then in college, I got my first glimpse into some quality clothing by being introduced to Japanese raw denim. Since then, my style has just been whatever I feel comfortable in and silhouette that I want to achieve.

Look 2
Rick Owens Intarsia mid-collar black leather jacket
Custom made T-shirt
Rick Owens DRKSHDW combo sweat pants
Rick Owens Ankle Boots

Explain how you first got into weight lifting and how it has impacted the way you shop for clothes.

Coming into my junior year of high school, I was 5’11” and whopping 120-125 pounds of skin and bones. I didn’t like the way I looked and wanted to change my physique, so like most boys my age, I started to do a bit of lifting – nothing serious. Then as I got into college, my lifting intensified. By then it was part of my lifestyle instead of a chore, but I still had no clear path for the lifting. It did affect the way I shopped for clothing because my arms, legs, and butt would not fit into some of the skinnier pieces I wanted to wear. However, I kept that in mind and made sure I stayed a certain weight (170-175) so I could still fit into a lot of the clothing I liked. About 2 years ago, I got hooked onto powerlifting and that’s when my outlook on training and clothing changed. I realized that powerlifting made me happier than any piece of clothing would. Since then my training has took priority to fitting into clothing.

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Look 3
Custom made T-shirt
Rick Owens sweat pants
Rick Owens Sneakers

What is the biggest challenge of being a large guy when it comes to buying clothes?

I wouldn’t consider myself big (not yet), but the biggest challenges for me is fitting into a lot of tops and any pants with a normal rise. Some tops made of knit fabrics are still okay due to the stretch but I cannot fit into 99% of woven fabric tops any longer. My arms, shoulders, and chest will not fit into the largest size that designers offer. As for bottoms, anything with a normal rise makes it impossible for my rear end and thighs to fit in them. Now I fit into pants with a long rise or a drop crotch as long as the thigh area is generous.

Look 4
Supreme Hennessy Jersey
Rick Owens DRSHKDW cotton sweat pants
Rick Owens Sneakers

Any designers you like who you wish made clothing that fit you better?

I really wish that Undercover and Ann Demeulemeester offered larger sizes, but I realize it’s just a pipedream and doesn’t bother me too much at this point.

 What are your powerlifting goals and where would you like to progress to in the sport?

I’m still a novice in powerlifting but my short term goals is to beat my own competition PR’s (personal records) of a 500 squat, 310 bench, and 550 deadlift in the 198-pound weight class. Hopefully, at my next competition this February, I will squat 550, bench 350, and deadlift 600. My long term goal is to be ranked #1 raw lifter in the 220-pound weight class.

Look 5
TOJ Lambskin double rider leather jacket
Custom T-Shirt
Outlier Keiren Pants
Raf Simons Astro Black Patent Leather Sneakers

How do you see your style evolving in the future?

There will be a point where almost nothing OTR will fit me and I gladly welcome it. There are always tailors to custom make garments and certain designers like Yohji Yamamoto with silhouettes that may play in my favor. I guess I’ll see when I get there.

Photos by Rocky Li