Bill Cunningham in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Shot on iPhone 3GS

Shot on Yashica Electro GSN Rangefinder

I took the above photos of Bill Cunningham in Union Square the morning after the big storm. As he has done for the last 50 years, Mr. Cunningham was out and capturing New York life. I wish I hadn’t rushed the focusing on the second photo which was taken on my new Yashica rangefinder. The first was a quick snap from my iPhone. Despite changes in the technology of photography, I feel the spirit of the quick street snap remains the same.

I’ll be experimenting with film photography a bit in upcoming posts here on Third Looks. The rangefinder I bought is in need of some repairs (namely a shutter malfunction and some light leak issues) but I have enjoyed the experience of shooting on it despite these issues.

If you have an interest in the modern history of New York you should definitely check out film Bill Cunningham New York which profiles the man’s life and career. You can watch the trailer below.

Photos by Rocky Li