Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2013 Men’s Collection

Select items from the Spring/Summer 2013 Saint Laurent Collection by Hedi Slimane are now¬†avaible¬†for pre-order online. ¬†Unfortunately, in my opinion these pieces¬†look uninspired and outdated. I’m not sure who Mr.Slimane had in mind with this selection of items but at least those who are in the market for a pair of¬†ostentatiously¬† branded pair of boat shoes will be happy.

An assortment of confusing design choices are present throughout the line from the band-collar dry denim jacket to the leopard-print trench. The washed denim shirt looks no different then something you could ¬†pick up at a fraction of the price at J.Crew or Zara. Perhaps these items will be better if seen in person but from the stock photos they hardly seem luxurious or special at all. The zipper crewnecks and hoodies are nice enough but I doubt they are ‚ā¨500 nice.¬†It’s almost as if Saint Laurent brand is relying¬†soley¬†on the hype of Hedi’s return alone to push massive units. I fear that Saint Laurent has veered too much towards commercial appeal. It really feels to me as if this line were put together by a focus group rather then the gifted former head of Dior Homme.

I’m trying to be patient with Hedi but so far I haven’t been wow’ed by anything he’s done at Saint Laurent. I know he is capable of more and I hope that further seasons develop a more focused and unique¬†aesthetic. For now though I really can’t co-sign this collection¬†¬†as it reminds me of what people hate about high fashion. Namely, the¬†pretension¬†of luxury designer brands ¬†who get away with selling mediocre-quality goods at an extreme markup based off the strength of the brand name alone. There’s a lot on the line here for Hedi and the whole fashion world is watching. Only time will tell if he can live up to the legacy of one of the most prestigious houses in fashion.

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Images via High Snobiety