Coveted: Dior Homme FW06 ‘B24’ Sneaker

My experience has been if you want something really bad, there is a good chance you’ll get it in the end. When I discovered these shoes, the season was already changing and stores were switching to new spring/summer pieces. I called practically every Dior boutique in North America and Europe but to no avail. I scoured the internet, on fashion forums, on eBay, and eventually ended up with a pair of white on white low tops that were 2 sizes too big. After about 6 months of occasionally scanning eBay and ready to give up, I managed to come across a listing for exactly what I was looking for in Germany.

There have been few times when I knew I couldn’t settle for any alternatives, that taking the effort to get what I wanted would be worthwhile, and those pieces would come with a story.

Harry makes his second Coveted contribution to Third Looks. In it he expresses something I’ve definetly experinced myself. Part of the appeal of clothes to me is the hunt. Seeing something you truly want and searching high and low for it until it somehow finally ends up in your possession. It’s the fashion equivalent of serendipity and it’s a truly satisfying feeling owning something you absolutely love, as opposed to buying another piece you just like. There’s been times where I’ve had to save up for months just to afford an items and in many cases those are the things I still treasure to this day. – Rocky

Words and Photography Harry Zhou