Undercover’s 30th Anniversary Collaborations with 5 legendary designers

Undercover is turning 30 this year and to celebrate the anniversary, designer Jun Takahashi has turned to some of his long-time friends in the Tokyo fashion scene. A list of legendary brands have signed up to offer their take on UC’s signature hybrid style with a series of leather sleeve down jackets with various mixed materials and detailing. Created in partnership with peers sacai, Kolor, Fragment design, TheSoloist and N.Hoolywood. The jackets all take a different tact to exploring the same style of garment. Sacai designer Chitose Abi gives her take on the trademark garment by bringing in elements of a knit riders jacket. Abe’s husband Junichi infuses elements of his brand Kolor’s style with a bright neon rendition. My favorite is the TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist collaboration which adds insane looking goggles and gloves to the piece.  N.HOOLYWOOD extends the length of the down jacket into with a parka-like body and hood. Fragment’s design is understandably understated with just a simple fragment logo hit on the back.

These should only be available directly through Undercover and they’ve posted some purchase information their website. The price range for these items range from  ¥140,000 JPY (approximately $1,356 USD) to ¥240,000 JPY (approximately $2,325 USD). If you’re looking for other current season Undercover items, take a look at stockists like SSENSE , Selfridges and Luisviaroma.