Nemen SS19 Lookbook


Italian brand NemeN drew a new audience with their Acronym collaboration from a couple years ago. They continue to push the envelope when it comes to developments in garment treatment. The complete Spring/Summer 2019 It’s the brand’s largest range so far consisting of outerwear, t-shirts, accessories and pants. 

The first collaboration is with Japanese accessories brand Master-piece, comprising 3 different bag styles. The second is with CLASH, an Italian underground spray-can producer, and consists of custom spray-cans in 2 colors, 15mm nib custom markers, a T-shirt, and a bomber vest and holster to carry spray-cans.

Perhaps the most interesting pieces from the collection are the result of an acid-dye treatment on nylon.  Garments are constructed from acid-dye treated nylon or monofilament nylon with rubberized polyester. The look it provides offers up a unique texture and appearance. 

Finally, NemeN’s first-ever pants are constructed from technical nylon Taslan, whereas the T-shirts and sweatshirts are made from quality cotton with an integrated nylon armband. You can shop the collection directly at Browns