New ACRONYM SS18 Release

ACRONYM has released several new items from their SS18 collection today. Among the products are several jackets, 2 pairs of pants and Ā a re-stock of the s21-DS jersey hoodie. Several brand new models are appearing for the first time ever including the new P30 pant which comes in both Dryskin and CH fabrics. Based on BDU cargo pants, theĀ P30 is an ultrawide 3/4 length zero-resistance utility pant that features articulated knees, and an updated integrated beltless fully-adjustable waistband. Fans of wider silohuettes from ACR will likely welcome this model into their wardrobe. Another new entrant is the J59TS-CH which isĀ a TECSYS compatible loose bomber style jacket. Ā Cavernous detached entry and internal chest pockets are the highlight of this piece along with Ā the more relaxed shape of the garment. For a more minimal approach, the J69-GT is self-described by ACR as aĀ jacket that you wear like a biker jacket but that has absolutely nothing to do with biker jackets. This style is finished with a new convertible-style collar. Explore the entire selection over the on ACRNM website or wait for the release on stockists including END which should be releasing items soon.