Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist FW18 Collection

Jun Takahashi and Takahiro Miyashita have long been friends and this year they got the chance to show their collections together earlier today at Pitti Uomo. The two designers agreed to a shared theme for their respective collections; an exploration of order and disorder. They had also consulted each other on the the mutual finale that saw a line of Takahiro’s models in black synthetic face an opposing line of models in white floor length pleated skirts emerge from Takahashi’s side It seemed that both their collections channeled an overall feeling of alienation and rebellion, Miyashita’s was much more focused on subverting traditional elements of men’s fashion.

He went down the list of menswear classics , incorporating things like houndstooth but kept them hidden or obscured by his avant garden nomadic looks. Many of the models wore layers of technical nylon items, decorated with bags and accessories. The runway looks gave the impression of armor, with oversized cloaks. The footwear consisted of tall boots and even traditional Japanese Geta (sandals). It was difficult to tell where one piece ended and another began but the effect was impressive; Miyashita was effective at drawing the audience into his world. In many ways the Soloist has been a brand that is more product than spectacle focused than Miyashita’s past work at Number (N)one, with his Fall/Winter 2018 collection however Miyashita showed that he could achieve both with one collection. Check out the rest of the looks after the jump.