Neighborhood Eagle Incense Chamber

There have been quite a few iterations on these incense chambers from Neighborhood over the years but this one remains one of my absolutely favorites. The Booze Eagle Incense Chamber is part of NBHD’s pottery series and was inspired by Japanese ceramic exports during the period of U.S. occupation.

Constructed from Chinese Kaolin clay, the material used in traditional Chinese pottery and is designed to direct the smoke through the Eagle’s head. While these don’t come cheap, i found that two colors of the chamber are currently 40% off at END. Add in the promo code ALLGONE at checkout you get another 15% off allowing you to cop at well under retail. These collectors items usually end up selling for more than the retail price years down the road so this is a rare chance at a deal.

There is also a ton more stuff at up to 65% off making this one of the best online sales i’ve seen this summer. Here’s a link to the entire sale.