Rick Owens Interview with Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion have just linked up with Rick Owens for a new feature. In the piece Owens gives insight into his surprising morning routine  “When Rick Owens is at home in Paris, he rises at 8am, drinks a green juice prepared by his personal chef and heads to his office. The commute is short: he simply ascends the stairs of the five-storey mansion he shares with his wife and business partner Michele Lamy. Their home is located in the 7th arrondissement, an establishment neighbourhood known for government buildings, embassies and old money, and his office is a large, open space that overlooks the gardens of the Ministry of Defence – an overgrown and ever-changing view that lends a rural feel to Owens’s enclave.”  

The rest of the interview touches on everything from his approach to design, to how his office is set-up. Read the interview article HERE.