Undercoverism SS17 Collection

Having just passed the brand’s 25th anniversary, Undercover takes an interesting turn for spring/summer 2017. Jun Takahashi is quoted as saying that this collection is all about daily men’s clothes and putting out the pieces he wants to wear. He seems to have embraced a balance between the more conceptual and utility/ease of wear. The garments this year are cut larger and not the usually super-skinny cuts we’ve come to expect from UC. In addition the color palette is extremely varied with a rich selection of tans, greens, pastels and a ton of different applied graphics and striking prints. The collection also had a theme of improvisation to it, which is shown in the layering and styling. Jun wanted a collection where pieces could be mixed and matched and still look good and I believe he achieved that.

Jun shows that once you get used to the idea of what the undercover brand is, he gets bored and switches it up on us. The decidedly bohemian summer collection should make it onto store shelves early next year, here’s hoping that some of the more elaborate pieces get picked up by buyers. Look for it to drop atĀ stockists like END, SJS, Haven and SSENSE soon.