Style Profile – Fernando (1000Deaths)

With 2015 coming to a close, I’m bringing you one last Style Profile to round out the year. Fernando (1000Deaths) has a unique sense of personal style that’s rooted in streetwear. He’s super creative at the way he mixes labels like Human Made, Cav Empt and of course Acronym. I picked Fernando’s brain on what influences his style and how he shops for key items. This style profile should be a lesson in just wearing the hell out of your gear no matter how rare a piece is.

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How did you first get interested in clothing and fashion?

I’d have to say my fascination with clothing and fashion came from anime and video games. As far as I can remember my goal has always been to look like a real life anime character until I played metal gear for the first time, then I decided that that’s the ultimate look for me forever. From there it was just doing the homework.

As you’ve picked up more items and become more discerning, how has your outlook on building a wardrobe changed?

In the last four years of living here in New York my style has changed dramatically. I’ve developed a lot stricter guidelines for what I allow myself to by because of this crippling shopping habit of mine. I’m pretty much just down to only buying things that I can often wear and strayed away from the crazier “Grail” items; although I am human and I do have weakness sometimes.

Your style is a combination of many items from different brands. What draws you towards certain brands? How do you choose to mix all this coveted gear you have acquired?

The biggest influence in my style is the idea of futurism or being or looking futuristic with a post apocalyptic steez. I’m fascinated with aliens and space/time travel so I feel like I go for brands that can make me feel as I’ve stepped out of a time machine or would exist in another world. My top two brands are Acronym and Cav Empt, those two brand’s directions I feel are literally reading my mind with what they release but Junya and Raf are also up there for me; it’s almost overwhelming sometimes. I don’t say I ever plan my outfits they just sort of happen. My best ones are usually the ones I’ve rushed out of the house in and didn’t plan at all.

You’ve started putting out your own items under the final boss and 1000 death labels. Explain what you are creating through these and other ventures?

What’s next on the horizon with creating your own clothing and accessories?

Haha, yeah. Well, it’s difficult to really describe what it is other than something you’ve never seen before hopefully. 1000deaths or “1Kism” is more of a 1/1 production brand. So I typically make my weird prototype frankengarments or custom garments under this label. Chopping and combining different jackets, tees, pants, etc, to make something new.

Final Boss is my more “relatable” street wear venture, more fun graphic stuff and the idea of “having fought the final boss” haha, it makes me laugh when I try to describe it. We’ll just have to see. I just want to make someone’s favorite thing. So I’m always working toward doing that.

How have your experiences in the retail/fashion industry affected how you shop?

After being a retail slave for so many years I’ve learned quality over quantity. There only a handful of people I know that can relate to my shopping habits. I would rather save up, starve, and not go out to buy the stuff I really want. I definitely do not make enough money to buy the brands I like but it’s a sacrifice I make for the illusion of happiness I suppose. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to leave the house from the anxiety. Regardless how I feel I’m going to be wearing crazy shit.

Is there a certain message you try to convey through your personal style

I guess what I’m trying to say through what I wear is I really really really like Metal Gear….and The Matrix

Where is your style going next? Any grails out there.

It’s hard to say, always Acronym for sure. I’ve been getting away from wearing more graphic stuff as of late and just wear solid colors so it’s looking that way too. I guess now it’s up to me to make what’s next for me. Definitely some grails. Two off the top of my head is the Acronym J45M-BW and the Aitor Throup Veil jacket/Stockwell denim jacket combo

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Photos by Rocky Li