Stone Island Hidden Reflective Vest

There are pieces that are sensible additions to any wardrobe, and there’s showcase pieces that you have to find a way to make work. This one of the latter. This incredible vest from Stone Island has too many features to list here. The key things to know are that it’s down filled and sheepskin shearling lined.¬†, The material, is a proprietary¬†a reflective water and wind resistant polyester fabric owing its features to a coating made of thousands of glass microspheres.

An opaque black plating totally covers the refraction of the material which can be seen when light bounces off it (think camera flashes). If you ever get to the point of wearing this monster in, it’s going to slowly change the impact of the reflections over time. Basically this is an incredible grail vest from Stone Island but you might not want to wear it around any¬†airports.

Available at Haven.