Third Looks Editorial ‘Projections’ feat. EYES&SINS

This editorial was the result of a collaborative effort between Third Looks and EYES & SINS. As I’ve previously noted, EYES & SINS is a brand which relies on a potent graphical narrative with each collection (also reflected in every pixel of their web presence – from the interactive website to promotional animated shorts on social media).

Billy Fischer pieced together these moving images from various EYES & SINS pieces modeled over a contrasting projection of visuals from past Ā DWMS events (by Note PTP) to further delineate the brand’s graphical cyber-militaria design approach.

See all the animationsĀ after the jump

Photography and Collage Layout – Billy Fischer

Models – Geng, Kait DH

Visuals (Projections – Note PTP

Styling – Rocky Li, Geng