After a brief quiet spell, EYES & SINS returns with an immaculate outerwear line ‘PROTOTYPE-ZERO / 零式’.
The small range is a logical evolution from the graphic tees released in the past. The line once again draws inspiration from military items, utilizing details such as buckles/fasteners and multifunctional compartments that contribute to both the form and functionality of the garments.

This is an impressive first foray into more elaborate items from the GFIRMG family. The 「14F-ES-JM01」RE-REPRODUCTION 01 BOMBER (see the Third Looks Best MA-1 Feature) has some great details including Articular sleeves, darting/stitching details and numberous functional zippers and pockets that should help users carry around daily essentials. Also of note is the 「14F-ES-AV01」ENGRAM MULTI-CHAMBER
which operates as a vest with multiple Pockets / compartments.

Three of the items are available now online with more to drop soon. Looking forward to seeing more on the trench and pants in the collection personally. I’m excited to see the GFIRMG team transition from leather goods to graphic tees and now a full fledged cohesive collection.

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