North Face Purple Label FW14 Lookbook

North Face Purple label is the sartorial equivalent of those elusive Japanese Green tea or Red Bean Kit-Kats. While North Face’s reputation in the states is mainly based on it’s ability to deliver functional garments in a variety of challenging environmental  conditions, Purple label is it’s more exclusive and refined sister label.

As in the past few lookbooks, the collection is presented with format with looks for both genders that are consistently on point. I also have to note that the model in this is a dime and a far cry from countless basic bitch still rocking those North Face fleeces with UGGs. The garments themselves are mostly navy, tan or olive and in terms of the men’s pieces there’s a great variety of things here. From what looks to be a gore-tex fur-lined hooded parka to an easy grey crewneck/suitpant combination. The mix of proportions and textures really give some solid inspiration for how to dress for colder days ahead. See all the looks after the jump and hit nanamica to cop.