WTAPS FW 2013 Collection

While the WTAPS lookbook with Tet did not reveal much about the pieces in the collection, these outfits from WTAPS show things in a bit more detail. For the Fall/Winter season it seems the brand has veered away from it’s heavy militaristic aesthetic and into the realm of simpler casualwear looks.

Once again the concept of lifism is referenced and outlined below. While these images don’t give too much insight into the details of the clothing, I’m still excited to see some of individual pieces in stores.

The philosophy of ‘Lifism’ is one concerned with the individual’s experience. In our present endeavours, progressing through our routines and daily grinds, we trigger the nuances that give us the unique experience that is our own life. As such, the most important moment to the individual is the present one – defining that which has come before it, and shaping what will come in the future. Only through ‘being’, can we start ‘living’.

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