Lanvin Goatskin Racer Sneakers

It seems this is the year of the ‘ugly’ designer sneaker. Recent Adidas collaborations with Rick Owens and Raf Simons have pushed the envelope in terms of sneaker design in unorthodox directions. These releases have all been pretty divisive in terms of their public reception.

Lanvin has created a design that is sure to be both coveted and hated. These sneakers seem to draw design heavy inspiration from the Nike Air Max 90 (through the shape of the mudguard and the plastic panel covering the middle lace eyelets). I also see traces of Prada Sport American Cup in here. What sets these apart is the wild colorway and quality of materials. These feature cream goatskin leather with metallic and webbed panelling and an interesting mesh material on the back heel. To round it out, this particular colorway comes with patterned laces and a bright orange midsole with heavy grey rubber tread (which itself seems to scream New Balance). While you’ll be sure to attract some hate if you get these, I really think this is a pretty special sneaker, and the best colorway this model was released in. Love it or hate it, I think you have to admit this is some next-level shit right here. These and a two other colorways are available at LN-CC for $957.