Supreme FW13 Lookbook and Collection

New York based skate/streetwear giant Supreme returns with their Fall/Winter 2013 collection. As someone who’s been tracking and wearing the brand for many years, I have to say that recent collections have been quite a disappointment to me. As the brand has increased it’s presence both it’s online store, new London location and a stream of high-profile celebrity endorsements, it’s also felt the pressure to adapt more to current market trends and also produce more items to meet demand. At this point, I’m not really interested in just another fitted or hoody with Supreme written on it. Most disappointedly are the pieces which seem to be influenced by the current web culture through the use of nostalgic graphics (that Blingee style hate graphic and the Indian ‘hanu’ design come to mind). Also surprising was the release of a stadium jacket which appears to be a real collaboration with Wise potato chips. Somehow I doubt the brand would have ever considered this move five years ago. It’s this ability to ‘cover all bases’ that makes Supreme such a viable, iconic brand but perhaps in increasing the range, they’ve lost a bit of what made the brand so special in the first place.

Supreme is always an interesting case study as it is still fun to sift through each release. The brand remains a great barometer of where men’s fashion (not just streetwear) is at during a particular point in time. My favorite pieces from the brand in the past were generally ones where the branding was a bit more subversive or otherwise low-key. Pieces like this are few and far between this time out but there are still some gems in here that are worth the reasonable price of admission (Supreme still has a pretty fair pricepoint for the quality all things considered). There are a couple noteworthy collaborations with Champion and Schott and I’m sure that more will be announced in the coming weeks. That being said there are always a few items in each collection worth coveting, I’ve made a selection of my personal favorites and posted them below after the jump. View the entire collection online at Supreme“>Supreme.