Raf Simons Multicolor Textured Floral Velcro Sneakers

So Coachella is around the corner and you want to stunt. You can skip the LSD and go straight to copping these attention grabbing sneakers by Raf Simons. They look like the type of sneakers an insane person would wear, if said insane person also was incredibly wealthy, tasteful and had a beachfront property in Maui. If you opt to not skip out on the LSD, I can personally guarantee these will look even better when you’re tripping hard listening to the Stone Roses.


Take another look, from far these look printed but up close you can tell that the colors were made through a textured puckered material throughout. The navy trim tones these down just enough so you can just pair these with a pair of Nike swim trunks a white bath robe poolside without looking like a total asshole.

$725 at SSENSE.