Photo Tools of the Trade: Ryan Skinner

The questions every photographer gets asked are “What camera do you use?” or “What camera is the best to buy?”

There’s no such thing as a perfect camera, but it is fun to explore the different results varied cameras , lenses, filters and film can give. Experienced photographers select the tools best suited for the job that they are most comfortable with.  This will be an on-going feature where I profile photographers on the cameras they like to shoot on.

To launch this series I spoke with Ryan of Fortune and Fear about his camera collection and his favorite things to shoot on.

Shot on Contax T2


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What cameras do you own?

Yashica T3
Contax T2
Minolta Maxxum 7000
A bunch of Polaroid cameras that I inherited from my Grandfather who worked at Polaroid; some notable ones:
Polaroid SLR 680
Polaroid Spectra Pro
Polaroid Colorpack II
Polaroid Impulse

What is your favorite camera to shoot on?

My favourite camera to shoot with would have to be the Contax T2. Having a point and shoot that is durable, reliable and fast is important to me. I like being able to put it in a jacket pocket and have it wherever I am and still produce great results. I began using the Contax T2 after finding a Yashica T3 at a thrift store sometime in 2007 and using it for a few years. It was only natural to move on to the titanium bodied Contax with a similar Zeiss T* lens.
Favourite combo: Contax T2 with Kodak Portra 400 film

Shot on Contax T2

What camera would you love to own? (If money was not an issue)

I’m interested in getting a medium format camera, so if money was no option I’d probably look into a Hasselblad 905SWC setup and then a Nikon D3x setup to have a DSLR.

Photographs by Ryan Skinner.