Photo Tools of the Trade: Luke Mele

Photo taken on Mamiya C3

In our second installment of our series ‘Photo Tools of the Trade’ , I speak with Philadelphia based photographer¬†Luke Mele on his camera collection and favorite

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What cameras do you own?

Pentax K1000, Mamiya C3, Minolta X-700 and X-370s, Canon Canonet 28

What is your favorite camera to shoot on?

I use the Pentax K1000 most frequently, but my favorite camera is the Mamiya C3 / 105mm lens / Kodak 120 Portra 400 film. It emphasizes the slow and intentional nature of film photography because it’s bulky and it requires an external light meter. It’s not particularly convenient but I’m more content with the results.

What camera would you love to own? (If money was not an issue)

I’d love to own a Pentax 6×7.

You can see Luke’s photos HERE.