Did Carhartt WIP just rip-off Undercover?

Undercover Fall/Winter 2011 backpack on the left and Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2013 Bag on the right

I was browsing Hypebeast today and saw their post on the new Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2013 bag collection. At first glance I thought, hm that orange backpack looks just like the backpacks Undercover has been doing since 2009.

Here are the details I spotted that are strikingly similar

1. Logo placement on the bottom right.

2. Use of leather pulls and double zips on all closures.

3. The pouches/pockets have the exact same placement.

4. The leather detail is moved on the Carhartt piece to the middle instead of off-center to the left.

5. The bottom of the backpack is fabricated in leather.

6. On other models of the Undercover backpack, there’s the same hanger attachment at the top of the bag.

To me this seems like too many similarities to ignore. Undercover is a brand I personally love and I feel it was necessary to point out my personal observations.

Please feel free to chime in if you feel I am off here and jumping the gun. If you know the original design this Carhartt WIP bag may be referencing please feel free to post about it in the DISQUS comments below.

I’ve also posted some other iterations of this UC design below


Fall/Winter 2009 Undercover Backpacks

Undercover Spring/Summer 2009 ‘Camo backpack’

Undercover Spring/Summer 2011  Backpack