Coveted: Vintage Blue Leather Rider Jacket

The first time I saw this jacket was when my good friend Laurence aka internetflexin posted it on sufu. I originally though it was by Undercover but he informed me it was actually a vintage piece purchased for a very low price. I was definitely envious of him but also respected him for having dedicated a serious amount of time to look for a piece like this. Inspired by his tale of blue leathers at bargain prices, I went on a hunt as well and was checking “blue leather rider” in my saved searches every day. This went on for 8 months where I found a few similar alternatives but at premium prices, until I was approached by Laurence who was looking to find another leather closer to his size. It turns out this leather matched my measurements exactly and so my hunt turned full circle.

When I received the jacket, I was immediately hit by how heavy the leather was, it is by far the heaviest jacket I own and the thickness of the leather matched the weight. I found the buffalo leather to be a bit dry as well so before wearing it, I used some Obenauf’s on it to restore it back to its original condition. Even though I went to a lot of effort to procure this jacket and to maintain it, it has paid off with a leather that I can call a true grail. From the diamond quilted shoulder and elbow details to the chunky yet smooth silver zips that contrast with the blue leather. The colour of the leather changes from a dark rich blue to a much brighter blue which I would describe as M&M blue. This jacket is not just a nice blue leather jacket to me, but also a result of a lot of patience and pure chance. As the amount of time I spent searching has proven, this jacket is a grail to me.

P.S The price that I paid for this also contradicts the idea that a exclusivity is neccesarily achieved through high price.

Photos and words by Jacob Hui.

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