Editorial: Homemade in Hell’s Kitchen for Oi Polloi

Hell’s Kitchen is far from the most scenic or charming neighborhood in New York but it is home of the Garment District. Oi Polli collaborates with Nepenthes to bring bright visuals to an interview piece with the designer of Engineered Garments‘ Daiki Suzuki and  Battenwear’s Shinya Hasegawa.

My favorite part of the interview is this quote from Diaki which sums up his philosophy with EG.

“That said, I want people to have fun when they’re wearing Engineered Garments. I want them to take part in this world I’ve created. I think with most fashion brands, you pay a lot of money and then you have this ready-made outfit and it’ll definitely look good because it’s expensive and well made. But with Engineered Garments, I don’t want the clothes to look perfect immediately. I think people should have to put some work into it. I think it should only look really good if the clothes match your taste, and you bring something of yourself to it. I think of Engineered Garments as clothing for people who are really into clothing.”

You can read the entire conversation on Oi Polloi.

Photography by Antony Crook (The Rig Out)
Styling by Angelo Urrutia (Nepenthes NYC)