Adrian Joffe of CDG speaks on Dover Street Market in New York


Word came late last year that famed department store Dover Street Market would be opening it’s third location in midtown New York.¬†The new Dover Street Market, which follows sister locations on London’s Dover Street and in Tokyo’s Ginza district, will open this year in a 20,000-square-foot space at 160 Lexington Avenue, formerly a home of Touro College. The area is not at all known for being a fashionable fashion district but the Comme des Garcons empire pressing forward as it always has; in it’s own way.

ONE OF THE SIX FLOORS OF DOVER STREET MARKET’S GINZA, TOKYO, LOCATION reporter Matthew Schneier interviews Adrian Joffe (the marketing and sales braintrust of CdG) on the new store plans and the state of creativity in fashion.

How will the New York Dover Street Market relate to its counterparts in London and in Tokyo, in terms of design and in terms of product?

We are now demolishing everything inside, and then Rei Kawakubo will visit and then start the design. We do not want it to be a mere version of the two existing ones. It has to be new and peculiar to New York. It is important for us to never “copy conform” but create new individual spaces whenever we do a shop‚ÄĒthat takes into account the spirit of the city and surrounding area. London is very London and Tokyo very Tokyo. We aim for this one to be very New York, even in an abstract sense.

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