Video Series: Young Americans

Young Americans — What Is Your Life Like? — Part 1 of 8

Young Americans is a eight-part film project that reflects on the momental year that is 2012. The film series by Scion A/V in collaboration with Vice and directed by Lance Bangs (Director of Jackass the Movie). During the production of the film series, Lance and his team spoke with hundreds of young people about their hopes, dreams, concerns and frustrations. Later episodes touch on subject matter from the economy to the impact of social media. The result is a video portrait of the diverse voices and viewpoints from coast to coast in America. Lance Bangs says on the series:

“I began the shoots feeling a sense of detachment and frustration coming from many of the young people I was meeting and filming, who were largely concerned with navigating a stressed financial landscape. As my travels went on and the election year backdrop ramped up, people became more engaged in conversations about the direction of the country and carving out their own place within it”

You can watch the other episodes HERE