Comme des Garçons Print Ad Archive

Fall 1995

Spring 2001

Spring 1995 (Keizo Kitajima)

Comme des Garçons has been able to thrive since it’s inception in 1969 due to the brand’s ability to evolve with the times. One permutation of the brands adaptation are the eccentric print advertisements for the SHIRT sub-line which began over 11 years ago. Since then the advertisements have displayed everything from Pet Shop Boys lyrics to punk poetry, cave paintings, vintage pins and 16th century Flemish paintings. In the Winter 2011 Issue of 032c , Alice Rawsthorn is quoted “Perhaps because the Shirt campaigns are conceived by a creative director who edits the contents from ready-made imagery rather than the fashion designer and photographer who produce them, the only consistent thing about them is their inconsistency. Yet collectively they build a compelling portrait of the brand as well as of its creators and the people who will wear the clothes.”

Rei Kawakubo once told Suzy Menkes “It’s true to say that I ‘design’ the company, not just the clothes. Creation does not end with the clothes. New interesting business ideas, revolutionary retail strategies, unexpected collaborations and nurturing of in-house talent, all are examples of Comme des Garçons creation.”

Credit for collecting the images goes to the user sipang of Styleforum from these I have selected my personal favorites.

1994 (Marc Atlan  / Keizo Kitajima)

Spring 2008 (Ronnie Cooke Newhouse – Stephen Wolstenholme)

Leland Myrick

Spring 1988 ( / André Kértesz)

Spring 1989 (Inoue Tsuguya / Lilo Hess, Enzo Cucchi)