Introducing Alex and Will of XXBC

I became friends with Alex and Will just hanging around at the same parties and seeing them at Opening Ceremony where they both work. They are really down to earth guys with unique style that is true to their interests. Shortly after meeting them they introduced me to their clothing line XXBC. XXBC (Twenty BC) is a clothing brand that pieces together concepts and materials from vintage sportswear/streetwear to create something new altogether.

The pieces are all one-offs and carefully constructed. I’ve seen a few sweatshirts by XXBC that capture a certain nostalgic feeling with an updated modern fit. I always welcome new takes on vintage that stay true to the ideals and aesthetics of past eras. XXBC seems to certainly fit that bill and I am looking forward to sharing with you the contained development of the line. Perhaps XXBC is best described by their mantra…

“Behind XXBC is a philosophy that we live by, “When in Rome, Do You.™” (w.i.r.d.y).”

You can visit XXBC online HERE. Check out the tumblr w.i.r.d.y HERE.

Lastly you can see Alex Lee’s street style photos on Four-Pins.

Photos by Rocky Li