VFILES Xtreme Paris Fashion Week Videos

If you haven’t seen any of these VFILES XFW (Xtreme Fashion Week) videos stop whatever you’re doing right now and click play on the above videos ASAP. Video coverage of fashion shows is often poor quality, bland and poorly edited but luckily for us these videos buck the trend. XFW captures the frenetic energy of fashion week and the guerilla style makes for lots of laughs and cameos (See if you can spot Devonte Hayes, M.I.A, Linda Fargo, Tilda Swinton, Nicola Formicheti Kenzo’s Humberto and Carol in the videos).

VFILES describes explains XFW as

“Imagine Elsa Klensch on 5-Hour Energy® with a camera strapped to her head — that’s Xtreme Fashion Week but with a cast of equally XTREME hosts: popstar Maluca Mala, fashion vlogger Marie Karlberg, and male model slash actor AJ English, and more. The premise: strap on a Go-Pro™, shotgun a Monster™, grab a branded microphone, and GO! (to fashion shows).”

But really you should just listen to me, grab a snack and cuddle up to your laptop.

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Words by Rocky Li