Video: Kidult – Visual Dictatorship

KIDULT ” Visual Dictatorship” from misery on Vimeo.

In this provocative video called ‘Visual Dictatorship’ Kidult reveals insights into his methods, philosophy and worldview. Kidult has made headlines by tagging the storefronts of Marc Jacobs and Supreme in New York, Hermès and Louis Vuitton in Paris amongst countless others. This short-form documentary provides context into how Kidult is creating  a guerilla marketing campaign through his graffiti. A fascinating watch that’s a visual portrait of one of the most controversial street artists today. Whether you think Kidult is a sensationalist self-promoter or a relevant and necessary rebellious force in graf , this video is undeniably a rare glimpse into a secretive world.

Warning: There is some graphic content that may offend some viewers or the workplace.