5 Tumblrs to Follow

So you have a tumblr and have been following Third Looks on there. If streetstyle photos of models in Celine smoking cigarettes and bowls of perfectly sliced exotic fruits just aren’t satisfying like they used to here are some Tumblrs you should definetly check out.

La Collectionneuse

La Collectionneuse means “The Collector” in French and this blog is certainly for the fashion collector. ¬†Bloggers cotonblanc and trankillement scour the web for archival designer pieces by the likes of Helmut Lang, Raf Simons, and Dries Van Noten so you don’t have to. The best part about this blog is that it’s for both men and women, and they link right to the items so you can transform your online grails into your physical reality.

Tumblin’ Erb

Noz is the music critic the internet deserves: opinionated, witty and always honest. Consider Tumblin’ Erb the online accompaniment to his main blog squeeze Cocaine Blunts. Full of rare rap video gems, cut-through-the-bullshit commentary and inspiration hip-hop imagery this blog is a must follow if you listen to rap music.

You’re My Only Hope

Beef-San is the type of nerd that most nerds wish they could be. He owns killer gear, but also has a¬†aesthetic¬†sensibility that pulls from video games, technology, anime and more. You’re bound to find some visuals that will make your workday a little less painful. There’s few tumblrs like this.



A mix of anime, clothes, and extremely funny photoshops. He has an sense of internet humor that is often imitated, but why fuck with the¬†imitations¬†when you can ¬†fuck with the original¬†RAPH THIMONS MURDERAH. Curated randomness that you couldn’t even replicate trying to be ‘random’




Organization is a great source of constant fashion inspiration. If you’re looking for archival editorials from brands that fly under the radar, this is the place. A¬†electric¬†mix of what’s old and new.

Words by Rocky Li