Spaces : Damen & Cain’s East Village Apartment


Maison 24 Switchblade Mirror


The variety of living arrangements in New York never ceases to amaze me; entering each new home is always a novel experience. When I look out on the busy streets I always try to envision the spaces within and the people that reside there. In a city where space and amenities are at a premium; creativity and discipline are requisite traits in creating a comfortable living environment. Cain Semrad (Art Director at Paul Stuart) and Damen Seminero (Director of E-Commerce at Jonathan Adler) invited me to document their East Village apartment where they have lived for the better part of a decade.

I asked Cain for his philosophy on interior design.

“My basic philosophy is one of opposing elements. Both if us having worked for Jonathan Adler we have several of his pieces, which are fantastic, but I will seek out street art, found objects and grittier items to create a high/low balance to the elements. I need that conflicting aesthetic in my surroundings.”
Cain on setting up a New York Apartment

“In New York apartments space is limited, we all talk about the size of our apartments. To keep things compact you constantly have to find inventive places to store things. I don’t mind controlled chaos but lived-in clutter isn’t good. Become a master of concealment, Damen is a genius at this. Either that or take it to extreme maximalism, I admire all forms of obsessive behavior. Any space that looks considered is successful.”
Some of Cain’s favorite pieces in his apartment come from Maison 24.

“Maison 24 is an incredible boutique with locations on 57th & Park and in Bridgehampton. The owners, Allison and Louis are longtime friends of ours and I’ve worked with them on their store marketing for several years. Allison and Louis have incredible taste and their shop is among the more unique in town. We share a love for the grand and the gritty. The razor blade mirror is a good example of the Maison 24 aesthetic.”
Photos by Rocky Li