Coveted : Evisu Made in Japan No.1 Special Lot 2000

Despite the current popularity of raw denim it is still rare to see a perfectly worn in pair. My friend Ramon has worn these Evisu No.1 Special Lot 2000 jeans heavily for over two years and this is the result. Beautiful honeycombs, even whispering and a sun bleached indigo fade that pre-washed jeans could never live up to.

Evisu may seen played out after the jeans were spotted on every hypebeast and rapper in the late 2000s but personally I’ll never get sick of the painted gulls. If you are considering a pair of these, make sure you shell out for the Made in Japan models. The Evisu name has been licensed in Europe and North America and those jeans pale in comparison in quality to the original Japanese made pairs.

Photos by Rocky Li