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After a brief quiet spell, EYES & SINS returns with an immaculate outerwear line ‘PROTOTYPE-ZERO / 零式’.
The small range is a logical evolution from the graphic tees released in the past. The line once again draws inspiration from military items, utilizing details such as buckles/fasteners and multifunctional compartments that contribute to both the form and functionality of the garments.

This is an impressive first foray into more elaborate items from the GFIRMG family. The 「14F-ES-JM01」RE-REPRODUCTION 01 BOMBER (see the Third Looks Best MA-1 Feature) has some great details including Articular sleeves, darting/stitching details and numberous functional zippers and pockets that should help users carry around daily essentials. Also of note is the 「14F-ES-AV01」ENGRAM MULTI-CHAMBER
which operates as a vest with multiple Pockets / compartments.

Three of the items are available now online with more to drop soon. Looking forward to seeing more on the trench and pants in the collection personally. I’m excited to see the GFIRMG team transition from leather goods to graphic tees and now a full fledged cohesive collection.

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Above is the Monro Layered Down Hoodie in what they call the “Bohemian Rhapsody” pattern. This down jacket is light, packable, and will keep you insulated from the elements all winter long. The pattern might look loud at first but it’s surprisingly easy to wear. If you always wanted to channel ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” with the perfect balance between “one-percenter’ and ‘occasional psychedelic drug user” this is definitely the jacket for you.

Available at Neptenthes for $360.

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Undercover Irregular Cotton Jacket in Grey

Great summer outerwear is always a challenge to find. Undercover brings this patchwork Irregular Cotton 5-Pocket Jacket to fill just that niche in your wardrobe. The detailing on this piece is quite incredible with 5 utility pockets , multi-colored buttons and a patchwork texture that includes striped, honeycombed and studded portions. The 100% cotton fabric combined with a unique 2-button high stance cut ensures that you’ll stay cool and comfortable throughout the season.

I am a fan of how this look with styled with sneakers (Nike Air Max 90s) and a t-shirt ; keeping with the casual and utilitarian vibe.

$820 on Tres Bien Shop


The above video highlights some of the key details of this new batch of FW2012 pieces. As always ACR stays killing it in the accessories and outerwear departments. These pieces continue to show the brand’s commitment to creating items with harmonious utility & aesthetic in mind.

Beinghunted always brings great features this time they have had a conversation with Erolson Hugh (co-owner and designer of Acroymn). I particularly found the below question inspiring.

Before we talk about your new collection, tell us about the development of Acronym as a design studio over the past 2-3 years. You have grown quite a bit?

Two years ago I started working with Johanna, my first assistant in Berlin. Recently, the team has grown to where we can do everything we need to do without ever leaving the building: product, identity, film, strategy, dumplings, cake, interpretive dance… We’re all freelance, and all running additional individual projects, so there’s massive throughput. Lots to do. Lots to absorb. Lots to learn. Michaela in Brooklyn, Turbo in Tokyo, Bagjack, and our factory in CZ, continue to evolve as the other major hubs in the network. Watch this space.

All growth is relative, though. The next smallest company doing comparable work is (last I checked) upwards of 50 times larger than we are. The largest players on the field -some tens of thousands of times (yes, that’s several million percent bigger). Think about what this means. So, in relation to that, we’ve grown from infintessimally small, to still really really freaking small. But this is OK; we know Kung Fu.

Read the entire article at BGHD

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For this weekly covet I am featuring the Visvim Social Structure shirt and jacket. I have been a fan of raw denim for quite some time because I do enjoy the process of my jeans slowly fading and evolving over time. However in the transition from summer to fall, a comfortable wash trumps everything. The unfortunately part is so few brands know how to do tasteful washes with well thought out attractive details. Visvim is the master of taking staple pieces and adding just enough to make an item that both stands out and has the ability to stand the test of time. Visvim produces several items with its Visvim Social Structure wash. Made with custom 8oz Okinawan cotton denim and a carefully distressed finish.

As always with Visvim the pricepoint is not for everyone, recently I saw the denim jacket at Bergdorf Goodman retailing around $1200 USD. If you have the dough however I am sure this purchase will not be regretted.

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