the north face purple label 2014 fall winter lookbook 1 North Face Purple Label FW14 Lookbook

the north face purple label 2014 fall winter lookbook 3 North Face Purple Label FW14 Lookbook

North Face Purple label is the sartorial equivalent of those elusive Japanese Green tea or Red Bean Kit-Kats. While North Face’s reputation in the states is mainly based on it’s ability to deliver functional garments in a variety of challenging environmental  conditions, Purple label is it’s more exclusive and refined sister label.

As in the past few lookbooks, the collection is presented with format with looks for both genders that are consistently on point. I also have to note that the model in this is a dime and a far cry from countless basic bitch still rocking those North Face fleeces with UGGs. The garments themselves are mostly navy, tan or olive and in terms of the men’s pieces there’s a great variety of things here. From what looks to be a gore-tex fur-lined hooded parka to an easy grey crewneck/suitpant combination. The mix of proportions and textures really give some solid inspiration for how to dress for colder days ahead. See all the looks after the jump and hit nanamica to cop.

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11 by boris bidjan saberi 2014 fall winter lookbook 1 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi FW14 Lookbook

11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi is the Barcelona’s-based designer’s more accessible menswear line. It shares much of the same design DNA as the Saberi’ namesake mainline : monochrome color palette, distressed treatments and a heavy militaristic edge. A continual theme throughout the line are the badge patterns derived from military award ceremonies. The most exciting takeaway from this lookbook for me were the jackets. Looking forward to seeing more close-up images of the bomber jacket and the hooded raincoat. You can find select pieces from the collection already online at Antonioli.

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Neighborhood has collaborated with a long list of brands over it’s history and now there’s one more label to add the list. Neighborhood links up with Carhartt on a capsule collection that merges the workwear aesthetic of Carhartt with the punk/biker look of Neighborhood. Alot of the items are familiar flips of existing Neighborhood styles such as the embroidered denim shirt. Many of the pieces from the capsule collection riff use leopard print accents. The most interesting piece from the collection is what looks to be a workwear cotton rider jacket.  I’d like to see what the retail price ends up being on these pieces to see if there are indeed some gems worth picking up. Look for the collection to drop in-stores by late August and online via Carhartt WIP on September 4th.

neighborhood x carhartt wip 2014 fall lookbook 1 Neighborhood x Carhartt WIP 2014 Capsule collection

neighborhood x carhartt wip 2014 fall lookbook 2 Neighborhood x Carhartt WIP 2014 Capsule collection

neighborhood x carhartt wip 2014 fall lookbook 3 Neighborhood x Carhartt WIP 2014 Capsule collection

neighborhood x carhartt wip 2014 fall lookbook 4 Neighborhood x Carhartt WIP 2014 Capsule collection

neighborhood x carhartt wip 2014 fall lookbook 5 Neighborhood x Carhartt WIP 2014 Capsule collection

neighborhood x carhartt wip 2014 fall lookbook 6 Neighborhood x Carhartt WIP 2014 Capsule collection

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johnundercover 2015 spring summer lookbook 15 johnUNDERCOVER SS15 Lookbook

I was a little skeptical about johnUNDERCOVER when the diffusion line was first announced. It seemed like it was a bit redundant alongside the main UC line , especially seeing that the price-point wasn’t that far off from the mainline. That being said I enjoyed viewing the spring/summer 2015 collection. Ostensibly johnUNDERCOVER is supposed to offer wardrobe mainstays, staples and subtle twists of classic UC styles and it seems as though this collection has been successful in translating the aesthetic of recent UC collections into some easy to shop/wear separates.

All the looks are stylized with either creepers or sandals and the styling embues the looks with a 70’s rock and roll vibe throughout. There’s a few nice prints in the collection and I’m really into the souvenir jacket above. I’ve been looking for one in some time and may have just the one. While SS15 is far from being in-stores, enjoy these images after the jump and check the Undercoverism website for more info.

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The shadowy multi-national team at GFIRMG (also known as Guerrilla Group)  have been busy at work on the second collection of EYES&SINS. They’ve been teasing the arrival of new product  through social media channels and they’ve put out  their latest video communication ‘OUTER SCALE /OCULAR & LIGHT. This short clip provides further intel on what you can expect in the new batch of graphic tees.

eyes sins season 2 1 EYES & SINS Release OUTER SCALE /OCULAR & LIGHT Video & Collection


eyes sins season 2 2 EYES & SINS Release OUTER SCALE /OCULAR & LIGHT Video & Collection


eyes sins season 2 3 EYES & SINS Release OUTER SCALE /OCULAR & LIGHT Video & Collection



The graphic tees now come in revised boxier cut and continue to evolve the cyber militaristic  aesthetic of past seasons. As always the visual presentation is top notch through and through (from the presentation of the website to the tags on tees)  . The collection includes 8 new designs (6 tees and 2 tank tops) and is available through the GG store.

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rappers thirdlooks rebel yuth 1 Rappers in Current Designer Collections by Rebel Yuth
Future in Saint Laurent, Gucci Mane in Thom Browne

rappers thirdlooks rebel yuth 2 Rappers in Current Designer Collections by Rebel Yuth
A$AP Rocky in C.E , Drake in Rick Owens

rappers thirdlooks rebel yuth 3 Rappers in Current Designer Collections by Rebel Yuth

Kanye West in Damir Doma, Lil’B in Undercover & Dirty ass vans

Rap and fashion are increasingly interlinked to the point where it seems every other rap verse namedrops at least 2 designer names. I collaborated with English illustrator Rebel Youth on these sketches of various rappers in various gear from current SS14 and FW14 collections. Time will tell if any of these outfits will come to fruition in the real life but hope you find the idea of Guwop in TB or Lil’B wearing Undercover as amusing as we did.

You can check more of Rebel Yuth’s work on instagram, tumblr or twitter.

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lori nix 1 The Dystopian Dioramas by Lori Nix

lori nix 9 The Dystopian Dioramas by Lori Nix

With the constant flood of negative news in recent weeks, it’s not difficult to imagine a dystopian chaotic near future. Brooklyn artist Lori Nix has been capturing miniature destruction through her dioramas which she photographs and exhibits around the world. These scenes of destruction include locales as mundane as the local chinese takeout spot to grand theaters and casino gambling floors. Lori cites 70’s films and natural disasters she experienced as a child as inspirations for her body of work.

See more of her work after the jump and you can read an interview with Lori over at Dazed.

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uniform experiment 2014 fall winter lookbook 10 Uniform Experiment FW14 Collection Lookbook

Under the Sophnet umbrella Uniform Experiment has been releasing novel twists on men’s classics since the brand’s inception. The Japanese label puts out a mix of both dressed up gear and more casual streetwear for their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The looks found in the collection are blends military/sreetwear inspired looks with more tailored trousers and shirting. The simple styling really allows us to see the gear clearly, and emphasizes some of the more exciting pieces such as the above blazer/ma-1 hybrid. Look for the collection at END and Haven See the rest of the looks after the jump.

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sophnet 2014 fall winter lookbook main Sophnet FW14 Collection Lookbook

We posted the collection video a few days back, now comes the full photo lookbook. Sophnet really slays this collection in all aspects: styling, presentation and the pieces themselves. Plenty of awesome looks here with the outerwear stealing the show in my opinion. A great varsity, vest and an awesome version of what appears to be a down filled parka. Sophnet continues to deliver in time for colder weather and I can’t wait to see or even grab some of these pieces myself. Don’t own any Soph right now but I figure that will change in the very near future. If you’re looking for a North American stockist, check Haven which should have a selection of FW14. Sophnet continues to hit that perfect balance of refined streetwear that so many brands are trying (and often failing) to reach.

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dwms4 DWMS4 Event and Giveaway

This Saturday DWMS4 hits Palisades in Bushwick. Those who have been to past events know to expect an awesome crowd and high quality audio and visual output all night. Included in the lineup is PTP’s own Celestial Trax (who dropped the previously covered “Verticals” track) making his first proper on-stage debut in the US. Jubilee (Mixpak) and Fiinesse (Thread/Cartel Music) will be laying down club rhythms while Portland’s own SPF666 (Club Chemtrail) and MikeQ (Fade To Mind/Qween Beat) are combining forces for very rare back to back set.  Word has also surfaced that there will be a surprise, special guest joining from across the pond.  If you’re in New York and a fan of underground electronic music, you should know that this is not to be missed.

As a thank you for all the loyal readers of the site, we’re running a little contest with PTP gear up for grabs. The giveaway is open to users of both instagram and twitter. See instructions on how to enter below

Instagram Contest

third looks ptp lookbook 3 DWMS4 Event and Giveaway

The winner of the instagram giveaway will be able to select their size in the PTP x TL ‘Pill’ Coaches Jacket (S-XL).

To enter follow the below instructions

1. Follow @thirdlooks / @genggrizzly on Instagram

2. Post an image that fits in with the theme of the lookbook shoot ‘Good for Health/Bad for Education’. Be creative and have fun with it. It could be an image you take or one that you find online. There are no boundaries or instructions on what the image can be.

3. Add the hashtag #DMWS4 to the post and mention @thirdlooks in the post.

You can enter more than once but only the best judged entry will take home the jacket. The winning post will also be re-grammed on the Third Looks instagram.

Twitter Contest

dwms black detail 1 edit1 resized DWMS4 Event and Giveaway

The winner of the twitter giveaway will be able to select their size in the PTP DWMS black longsleeve t-shirt (S-XL).

1. Follow @thirdlooks and @purpicide on twitter

2. Send a tweet that includes a link to this post (

3. Add the hashtag #DMWS4 to the post and mention @thirdlooks/@purpicide in the post.

One winner will be selected at random. You can tweet as many times as you’d like to maximize your chances of winning. The contest runs until midnight Saturday July 26.

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