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  1. jordan bryant says:

    Hey! I couldn’t get your emaill adress to work so I’m writing you here. I really enjoyed your recent visvim article on grailed. I was wondering if you did any freelance work? I was looking to get an article written about the history of the noragi from a traditional prospective evolving into contemporary menswear.

    thanks for your time,


  2. liam duffy says:


    I hope you’re well.

    My name is Liam and I would first like to express how much of a fan I am of Third Looks. I am an affiliate marketing manager at Silverbean and we represent a large number of clients such as New Balance. I am emailing you to find out if you currently work with any advertisers on an affiliate basis?

    If so it would be great if you could possibly send over a media deck?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Hello
    Im looking for fast apply
    Rocky, I would like to buy your article “An Introduction To Techwear” from
    I want to migrate your article on new serious techwear site,I guess
    Please, i’m waiting for your apply!

  4. Jeff Yang says:

    I’m Jeff, the founder of Fiber Secret it’s nice to get in touch with you. We are the company have the dream using technolgy to drive men office dress with function and comfortable. Lotushirt is the first project launched at kickstarter, it’s based on nanotechnology to develop and take almost one year come out the goal. Wish can get your further feedback how we can collabrate.

    kickstarter link:


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