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C.E (CAVEMPT) has just released a video showcasing items from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The visual features a variety of cropped detail shots of the pieces in slow motion. To me it really gave off the feeling of what attending a C.E presentation in person must be like. The music and visual effects serve as useful additions; adding atmosphere to the clip’s otherwise straightforward style. It’s nice to see the C.E looks head to toe like this in such a clear video (particularly in contrast to prior videos C.E has put out). I definitely enjoyed seeing this video much more than most ‘fashion’ videos out there. 

C.E is a hard brand to pin down as it really stands at the intersection of all these disparate influences. The quality of the garments keep it from entering gimmicky territory. I got to check these Spring pieces when they were samples were on display at the brand’s New York Showroom and I hope to share snaps from that with you shortly.

You can start purchasing select spring pieces now directly from C.E’s webshop. I’ve listed my personal favorite pieces below:

ce ss 14 1 C.E SS14 Collection Video


ce ss 14 2 C.E SS14 Collection Video



ce ss 14 3 C.E SS14 Collection Video

GLOVE by Ashram Japan

ce ss 14 4 C.E SS14 Collection Video

PVC #3 Jacket


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a fluid silhouettes still Fluid Silhouettes by Jesse Kanda and Arca via SSENSE

c fluid silhouettes still Fluid Silhouettes by Jesse Kanda and Arca via SSENSE

Apart from stocking an incredible lineup of designer brands , online retailer SSENSE has regularly put out compelling content that ranges from fashion editorials to frequent collaborations in the world of music and film. Their latest is a video that is an visionary take on the shapes, textures and colors of Spring 2014.

“Fluid Silhouettes” explores the experimental forms of SSENSE’s Spring 14 collections. Genderless bodies shift in shape and proportion, morphing into abstract translations of key men’s and womenswear silhouettes. I don’t normally recommend fashion films but this synthesis of sight and sound is well worth your time. You can view the video on SSENSE.

The audio is produced by Arca (real name Alejandro Ghersi). His excellent releases *Stretch 1/2* (UNO NYC) and *&&&&&* (self released) mixtapes are worth checking out and he recently was credited as a co-producer on four tracks off of Kanye West’s Yeezus.

London-based director Jesse Kanda has recently created music videos for FKA Twigs’ “Water Me” and “How’s That.” He is Arca’s visual half, creating all of his artwork and recently collaborating on “Anaesthetic,” a film which premiered at MoMA PS1 in October.

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eric bouvet 3 The Photography of Eric Bouvet

Browsing tumblr one day I came across one striking photo by Eric Bouvet. I did a quick search and found more images by the celebrated award-winning photojournalist. With the contrast stream of images I see daily, it’s not often that an image that really makes forces me to stop, stare and think. Looking through Bouvet’s work I saw a whole collection of candid fearless images that reflected the diversity of life on Earth.  I loved that flipping through his work brought me from the desert during Burning Man to the battlefields of Afghanistan and Chechnya to the rundown outskirts of Detroit. After the jump I have posted some of my absolute favorite photos by him.

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Not sure what it is about fashion and forests that goes together so well but this Patrik Ervell trailer is yet another example of mans x nature. Through the misty wilderness of the Santa Cruz Redwood Forests a selection of Fall/Winter 2013 looks are revealed. My personal favorite the quilted white sweater makes the cut along with some very decent looking outerwear for the season.

Shot by Luke Gilford with music by How to Dress Well.

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fall style inspiration 1 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 7 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 5 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 14 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 4 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 6 FW13/14 Style Inspiration


fall style inspiration 8 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 9 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 2 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 3 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 10 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 11 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 12 FW13/14 Style Inspiration

fall style inspiration 16 FW13/14 Style Inspiration


Stussy Tribe – BBC’s The Look featuring Chanel, Rl & Stussy from Stussy on Vimeo.

While Stussy may not be much of a grassroots brand anymore, this BBC video takes a look at the brand when Shawn Stussy was still at the helm. The quick doc touches on the styles and trends of the time and also some of the ways Stussy got the word out about it’s international tribe. Definitely an interesting watch a reflection on streetwear marketing prior to the internet age. There’s some cameo appearances by James Jebbia and Hiroshi Fujiwara in there as well.

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Stussy teamed up with Yo!MTV Raps for a capsule collection of t-shirts with prints of everyone from Eric B and Rakim Kim to Public Enemy and Digital Underground. As part of the project they also released two videos focusing on the historical influence of Yo! MTV Raps on popular culture. The video above focuses on the fashion and style of pioneers in rap such as Afrika Bambaataa, LL Cool J and N.W.A. The clip is worth watching not only for the pieced together montages from the late 80s to early 90s but also for great interviews with hip-hop greats.

You can see the entire Stussy collection HERE.

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Barcelona based designer Boris Bidjan Saberi released this promotional video through his official site as an accompaniment to the lookbook for his Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The designer is known for his masculine, sometimes aggressive designs. Being a warm-weather collection, the video focuses on the lightness and motion of the garments. You can shop the current collection of BBS at Atelier New York.

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The short film by Matt Lambert showcases collection pieces from some of London’s leading menswear talents including Agi & Sam, Richard James, Martine Rose and Jonathan Saunders.

You can see more coverage from when the London Showrooms exhibited in New York HERE.

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richard mosse 8 The Photography of Richard Mosse

richard mosse 3 The Photography of Richard Mosse

richard mosse 6 The Photography of Richard Mosse

richard mosse 7 The Photography of Richard Mosse

Every  now and then I stumble upon something I haven’t seen before that visually captivities me. When I first saw the photos of Richard Mosse, I was drawn in and had to find more of his work.  The irish artist and photographer has captured beautiful photojournalistic photos of people and landscapes in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. He achieves the look of these photos by using a discontinued film stock  Aerochrome. The Kodak film was invented during the Cold War in conjunction with the US military in order to see enemy activity from the air and it’s this process which gives these photos a dreamy ‘Dr.Seuss’ feel.

These photos are from the critically acclaimed photographic series “Infra,” shot in the DRC. He recently embarked on a new project which is entitled  “The Enclave,”  it’s a multimedia installation that opened last weekend at the Irish Pavilion of the Venice Biennale in Italy.  It will run at the Fondaco Marcello in Venice until November 24.

More images after the jump

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