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This editorial was the result of a collaborative effort between Third Looks and EYES & SINS. As I’ve previously noted, EYES & SINS is a brand which relies on a potent graphical narrative with each collection (also reflected in every pixel of their web presence – from the interactive website to promotional animated shorts on social media).

Billy Fischer pieced together these moving images from various EYES & SINS pieces modeled over a contrasting projection of visuals from past  DWMS events (by Note PTP) to further delineate the brand’s graphical cyber-militaria design approach.

See all the animations after the jump

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This new video from SSENSE imagines a squash match played in drapy Japanese menswear. Some of the designers making an appearance are from Yohji Yamamoto, Visvim, Kolor, Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, Johnlawrencesullivan. The use of slow-motion captures the volume, colors and movement of the garments in a way that a photoshoot couldn’t.

You can find all items in the video over at SSENSE

In past interviews, C.E brand founders Sk8thing and Toby Feltwell stated that they saw themselves as outside the traditional fashion system in Japan, so it’s not surprising that their presentation for their Spring/Summer 2015 felt more like an subterranean nightclub than a runway show. Backed by a DJ set by Rezzett and eye-grabbing visuals by Bacon , the full presentation is worth experiencing for the music and also a glimpse at what’s to come from the streetwear label.

Video via fcknyh

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Fresh off the heels of a collaborative collection with Supreme, Stone Island puts out a new visual ‘Neo-Lux’. The stuttery video alternates between close-ups of fabric and outerwear details to broader shots of key AW14 outerwear against shifting digital backdrops. You can find many of the pieces now over at the Stone Island online shop.

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I stumbled across this short video clip highlighting the Y-3 Qasa sneaker. The Qasa is one of the standout sneaker releases of 2014 and this visual really places it in a well-matched urban environment.   Gear from Acronym, Arc’teryx Veilance, and EYES & SINS is paired with the Y-3s. If you’re looking for this sneaker, the Adidas Y-3 site should have a restock soon.

The video was shot and edited by Ryan Sheppard and Waley Gao and features music by Evian Christ.

via Impulse Online

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The shadowy multi-national team at GFIRMG (also known as Guerrilla Group)  have been busy at work on the second collection of EYES&SINS. They’ve been teasing the arrival of new product  through social media channels and they’ve put out  their latest video communication ‘OUTER SCALE /OCULAR & LIGHT. This short clip provides further intel on what you can expect in the new batch of graphic tees.

eyes sins season 2 1 EYES & SINS Release OUTER SCALE /OCULAR & LIGHT Video & Collection


eyes sins season 2 2 EYES & SINS Release OUTER SCALE /OCULAR & LIGHT Video & Collection


eyes sins season 2 3 EYES & SINS Release OUTER SCALE /OCULAR & LIGHT Video & Collection



The graphic tees now come in revised boxier cut and continue to evolve the cyber militaristic  aesthetic of past seasons. As always the visual presentation is top notch through and through (from the presentation of the website to the tags on tees)  . The collection includes 8 new designs (6 tees and 2 tank tops) and is available through the GG store.

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Japanese Label SOPHNET is more than 15 years in the game. In recent years SOPHNET have expanded their empire through it’s sister labels FCRB (a soccer-focused collaboration with Nike) and Uniform Experiment. In presenting it’s Fall/Winter 2014 video, the brand reaches back in time finding inspiration in 90’s music videos. Timed and set to break beats the clothes are secondary to the mood and feeling created through the strobe-like visuals. The gear that is visible tends to focus on the outerwear and accessory side of things. Expect items to begin dropping in retailers next month.

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It’s a beautiful thing when friends come together to create something altogether new. Some of you may have seen a beta cut of this visual at the PTP Pop-Up party a few weeks back but it’s since been re-vamped and set to ‘Verticals’ by Celestial Trax. LIES got behind the lens to shoot the our rambunctious model Juna draped in the Purple Tape Pedigree capsule collection. Choubi and set designer Jeremy also provide creative assists on this. If you’re feeling the video or just know the track record of the previous DWMS events, do come out Friday night for DWMS3.

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In commemoration of the forthcoming Third Looks x PTP (Purple Tape Pedigree) collaboration we are proud to present this video teaser .

We pulled clips from one of our favorite animated films AKIRA and set them a relentless audio bombardment by StationStation. More information on the collaboration will be dropping this week. You’ll have a chance to wear official Third Looks gear very very soon.

Music – ‘Fog Over Baghdad’ by StationStation
Visuals - Note PTP

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C.E (CAVEMPT) has just released a video showcasing items from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The visual features a variety of cropped detail shots of the pieces in slow motion. To me it really gave off the feeling of what attending a C.E presentation in person must be like. The music and visual effects serve as useful additions; adding atmosphere to the clip’s otherwise straightforward style. It’s nice to see the C.E looks head to toe like this in such a clear video (particularly in contrast to prior videos C.E has put out). I definitely enjoyed seeing this video much more than most ‘fashion’ videos out there. 

C.E is a hard brand to pin down as it really stands at the intersection of all these disparate influences. The quality of the garments keep it from entering gimmicky territory. I got to check these Spring pieces when they were samples were on display at the brand’s New York Showroom and I hope to share snaps from that with you shortly.

You can start purchasing select spring pieces now directly from C.E’s webshop. I’ve listed my personal favorite pieces below:

ce ss 14 1 C.E SS14 Collection Video


ce ss 14 2 C.E SS14 Collection Video



ce ss 14 3 C.E SS14 Collection Video

GLOVE by Ashram Japan

ce ss 14 4 C.E SS14 Collection Video

PVC #3 Jacket


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