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 Style Profile: Andrew P

 Style Profile: Andrew P

It’s been quite some time since I posted a Style Profile feature but this one has been in the works for a little while now. Being in New York has really given me perspective on my own personal style and what I value in terms of the items I purchase. As time has gone on, I’ve gone away from a more ‘designer fashion’ oriented approach to one where I value the practicality and utility of garments as much (or more) than the aesthetic itself. Now I really look for garments that I can easily throw on and not think too much about. I find myself moving away from any garments which are fussy or too precious and towards things that I can throw on anytime and expect a certain amount of reliability and durability from.

Skaters and bike-riders in this city have embraced this ‘function meets form’ philosophy from the jump. Brands such as Supreme have been incredibly successful at creating clothes that fit into this ethos. My friend Andrew has maintained a similar sense of style since I met him. While to the average person his style may not particularly stand out, I think he dresses in a way that perfectly suits his needs and lifestyle. Alot of what’s ridiculous about fashion is the idea that people try put on clothes that are essentially ‘wearing them’ instead of the other way around. Andrew’s style is so pared down but at it’s core he finds the particular essentials and wardrobe staples that allow him to express his identity and still be comfortable and get what he needs to get done each day. That and his background in snowboarding, skateboarding and BMX inform the way he dresses today. I posed some quick questions to him which you can read after the jump.

 Style Profile: Andrew P

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 Style Profile: Lucas Tyson

The best part about the process of posting these style profiles is getting insight into someones style and getting to know them better as a person through that . I’ve known Lucas for some time now as a friend and it was cool to interview him for the site and hear more about how his style developed.

I hear a lot of my taller friends complain that it’s hard for them to find clothes that fit. At 6’7″ Lucas definitely stands out in a crowd but I admire how he was able to mix pieces from a variety of brands to create a personal aesthetic that represents his personality and interests well. I sat down with the homie to discuss where his style has been and where its going.

 Style Profile: Lucas Tyson

When did your interest in clothes start? What kind of stuff were you wearing back then?

I have always had an appreciation for clothes, but the turning point for me was the first time I went to the old Recon store on Eldritch Street. I was finally making enough  money to get some decent clothes. I stumbled across the store when the first Stash AF1 was releasing, and I was blown away by the product. The store manager was kind enough to educate me about the brand and the NY streetwear scene in general. This lead to finding out about Retail Mafia brands that were prevalent in the scene at the time. In particular I wore SSUR, Supreme and Alife tees and hoodies, Evisu jeans, Northface jackets, and Nikes.

 Style Profile: Lucas Tyson

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Third Looks Style Profile Nina Hahn 15 Style Profile: Nina Hahn Tokyo Satellite

Style Profiles have been an essential part of this blog since the inception of Third Looks. I wanted to share the personal style of people I’m inspired by and do so in a way that would capture not only their look but the thought process behind their style. The way Nina dresses is unorthodox and utterly original. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in the same outfit twice and she constantly evolves: changing her hair, accessories and adding new pieces to her wardrobe. Her appearance is striking but not over the top or attention seeking. It’s this balance between the subtle and the gaudy that really sets her apart. Her attention to detail makes her one of the most stylish people I’ve met in New York. Nina has started being a stylist on shoots and it’s clear to tell from the way she dresses herself that she a creative vision.

Third Looks Style Profile Nina Hahn 7 Style Profile: Nina Hahn Tokyo Satellite

Rebekah Seok who took these photos (and absolutely killed the shoot I might add) wanted to title the feature ‘Tokyo Satellite’ and I think in a way that’s a fitting descriptor for Nina’s style. Her style is a confluence of her time spent in Tokyo, London, New York and other far flung destinations (both real and imagined).  Her inspirations formed through these appearances and beamed to her through things like music, books and films. I had a pretty in-depth conversation with Nina about the evolution of her wardrobe and the core things which have shaped her aeshetic identity.

Many people would look at what you wear and think that they wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Are there styles you don’t feel you could pull off?

There are some things that body type wise I can’t pull off because of certain silhouettes. Like if I wanted to wear a V-cut dress that went down to my stomach I wouldn’t wear it because it just doesn’t work with my body type or it would give off an image that I wouldn’t want to give off.

Third Looks Style Profile Nina Hahn 6 Style Profile: Nina Hahn Tokyo Satellite

How conscious are you about giving about the image that you are giving off with how you dress?

I think the only thing is I don’t like to give off a very sexual vibe. I don’t want to wear to wear anything that I know is showing off a lot of skin and asking people to look me up and down. I don’t like to dress like that. I like mini-skirts and tight clothes but I would definitely dress it down with something that’s the complete opposite so it’s not too much.

What are some of the things that inspire your style?        

Children’s books, books in general. animation and a lot of art too. Not necessarily a illustration of a man or a woman, just the piece of art on it’s own. Even music, I like classical music and punk music a lot. I would kind of interpret a song or music in my own way and incorporate that into how I wear clothing.

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style profile taylor okata 3 Style Profile: Taylor Okata

One of the things that came up when I interviewed Tay for this style profile is how important comfort and attitude is to personal style. Tay owns some awesome designer pieces but what makes his style unique is how he confidently mixes pieces in an unconventional manner and makes them his own . Tay’s personal style was a result of his upbringing  in Hawaii/LA and also his time spent living in Tokyo.

You may have seen Tay on many a streetstyle blog before in the past and after meeting him I can see why; Tay isn’t afraid to experiment and try new things with his style.  I’m happy to share with you some of his favorite summer looks and also his unique perspectives on style as an individual who’s worked in a variety of roles in the New York fashion industry.

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style profile ian bradley 1 Style Profile: Ian Bradley

 As a gatekeeper to one of New York’s nightlife staples (Le Bain) Ian has literally seen it all. Given his own sense of style it’s not surprising that Ian has also made a career for himself as a stylist.  He has worked with major brands including Levi’s and Uniqlo but also contributed to countless editorials dressing the likes of Azealia Banks. Most recently he did the styling for DEGEN and ODD’s New York Fashion Week presentations. I linked up with him recently and photographed him in some of his favorite fits while discussing his viewpoints on styling and style. 

style profile ian bradley 2 Style Profile: Ian Bradley

How did growing up in DC influence your style? How has your style evolved since then?

Growing up in suburbs of DC, I think it’s made my style kinda preppy; but since middle school I’ve always read fashion magazines and had access to the internet which I think influenced my style more than where I grew up.

As of late, I find my style gearing to more simple and classic pieces, less trendy and disposable items.

style profile ian bradley 3 Style Profile: Ian Bradley

Look 1
Mala NY Hat
COMMME des GARCONS PLAY Varsity Jacket
Thom Browne Shirt
Paige Jeans
Converse ‘Le Baron’ Chuck Taylor All-Stars

style profile ian bradley 4 Style Profile: Ian Bradley

How did you start out as a stylist and what approach do you bring to styling?

I came to the city to study fashion design, but realized it wasn’t exactly what I wanted… After learning all the the potential things a stylist could do, I knew it’s what I wanted to do.

When it comes to styling, I just want to propose great outfits that people can actually wear; give new perspectives on layering, contrasting prints, or mixing brands.

See the rest of the feature after the jump. 

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 Style Profile: Rachel

I’d like to share the story of how I met Rachel. It was actually on the street months ago when I asked to take this streetstyle pic of her. Turns out that photo was a good indicator of her personal style and how she expresses herself through her clothing. Rachel takes alot of vintage pieces and basics and works them into an outfits that are greater than the sum of their parts. Photographing this style profile was a good reminder for me that it’s not just the individual pieces you wear but how you coordinate them that makes the difference.

How has living in New York influenced your style?

New York City has given me the balls to dress genuinely. When I was a kid, I would prance around my parent’s house in get-ups I’d never dream of wearing in public. But this city is incredibly magical and filled with such brilliant, passionate people and being here makes me feel brave, in style and in life.

 Style Profile: Rachel

How did you build up your current wardrobe to where it is? 

I have to say, I don’t particularly enjoy shopping. It takes forever and trying on clothes is exhausting. I prefer to take long strolls through the city, maybe do some gallery hopping and then let pieces come to me. If I don’t set out to shop, I end up browsing anyway and find great things.

 Style Profile: Rachel

 You mix in alot of vintage items , what makes a vintage item worth picking up for you?

If it makes my heart race, I’ll buy it.

 Style Profile: Rachel

You told me you about your love of hats, how did that develop?

Growing up, I stalked Bill Cunningham’s photos and lived vicariously through them. Over time, I noticed how beautiful women looked when they were wearing hats and I wanted to be like them. Now, it’s part of me. If an ensemble were a cake, the hat would be the cherry. And for some reason, baseball caps make me feel extraordinarily sexy, so I like that.

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 Style Profile: Heron Preston

New York is all about evolution and change. The fast pace and frenetic pace ensure that trends, influencers and scenes come and go. One person who has been a staple of the downtown New York cultural landscape for years is Heron Preston. You may have seen him at gallery openings, fashion shows or perhaps just through the internet. He came up in the pre-tumblr internet landscape and has worked with industry heavyweights like Nike. I picked his brain about his viewpoints on style and his involvement in the BEEN TRILL

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

How has your personal sense of style evolved over time?

The girls I’ve dated and their influence on me, has played a huge part in evolution of my style. traveling has also played a part, my vibes and the style of my closest friends. All of that shit influences me.

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

Heron Preston wears BEEN TRILL x 40oz Van Hashtag Yankees Snapback, Vintage Fox Racing Long-Sleeve, Nike sneakers

What influence has being in New York city had on the way you dress and the lifestyle that you lead?

NYC is all about “breaking the system” to me. the power of youth… its a city you can stay young forever and do what you want. that attitude has been the biggest influence on my lifestyle and way of dress.

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

 Introduce how BEEN TRILL started out and what it means to you. What do you want to achieve with BEEN TRILL?

My close friends Matthew Williams, Virgil Abloh and Justin Saunders who are Kanye’s art directors hit me up one day. They had just started something special (Been Trill) and recruited me. We are an art direction collective / dj crew. We host and DJ parties, design clothes and experiences with our network of friends, hi-jack internet visuals and disrupt the system.  In a nutshell, we create rare heat, package it and voila. Just trying to stay clever and have fun and experiment with our ideas.

 What is your approach when it comes to designing clothes and are you gonna keep doing it?

I start with what will get under my skin, but the search for that emotion may take a day, or a year. But when i feel it, i go hard. I design for me.

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

Heron wears: Obama beanie, self-designed long-sleeve t-shirt, vintage Avirex leather bomber

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

What’s your favorite piece that you own. What’s still on your list?

My favorite piece right now that I own may either be my 50 cent bullet proof leather vest or my black B-3 bomber shearling jacket. Both dope pieces to layer with. On my wish list is a Acne motorcycle jacket… I’ve had my eye on one lately that I must get!

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

Heron wears: Vintage leather vest, Pyrex  Vision Hoody, Nike Air Yeezy 2

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

Some of Heron’s current favorites

 Style Profile: Heron Preston

What’s relevant in pop culture to you in 2013 and beyond?

High taste culture.

Follow Heron Preston on Twitter. Follow Been Trill on Twitter and Tumblr.

Photos and writing by Rocky Li


fit profile scott 1 Fit Profile: Scott M

Scott is wearing:
Post O’alls houndstooth jacket
W)taps x Undercover BDU
Vintage Chambray
Engineered Garments trousers
Bathing Ape x George Cox creepers

In a new series ‘Fit Profiles’, stylish people worldwide breakdown their outfits key piece by key piece. If you’ve seen Scott’s style profile from last year, you know he’s got a wardrobe worth envying. I spoke with Scott recently about how his style has evolved since then.

Scott: Lately I have been finding myself obsessed with a more muted palette. I’ve been wearing lots of tan, olive and brown. When I put together an outfit, I like to think mostly about how the textures, colors and patterns will play with eachother. I have been finding myself straying away from louder pieces and wearing items that are more understated and simple.

fit profile scott 2 Fit Profile: Scott M

This Post jacket is my most recent purchase, I love how it’s based on a more workwear inspired silhouette, but in a very traditional fabric. Being lined with down is also very crucial this time of year in NY.

fit profile scott 3 Fit Profile: Scott M

Most people assume that Bape is a very juvenile brand and for hypebeasts, but I personally love it. I think the collaboration is brilliant and has a humorous take on a work wear silhouette.

fit profile scott 4 Fit Profile: Scott M

The Taps BDU is probably my most worn garment, aside from the EG pants shown. I wear it over every shirt, with blazers, outerwear or as a jacket. It’s an incredibly versatile piece and a perfect weight for layering.

Photos by Rocky Li

style profile geng grizzly 8 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

style profile geng grizzly 10 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

Geng Grizzly wears many hats and his personal style is representative of his many hustles. Geng runs PTP (Purple Tape Pedigree) a hip-hop blog that will put you on to what you should be hearing (not what everyone else is playing). On top of that he’s got a fledging record label, Live From The Kitchen Recordings that is sure to be making tons of (bass ridden) noise this year. On top of all that you may have heard me make some guest appearances on his radio show Fresh Out the Box along with co-host Note D (check his style profile HERE).

 For these style profiles, I really look for individuals doing their own thing outside of what the trends of the moment may be. In the case of Geng, he breaks more sartorial rules than he follows but stays true to his roots and passions. His style in complex in a way that the average passerby or fashionista might not notice. Geng is someone who is not just wearing the clothes, he’s living in them. 

style profile geng grizzly 3 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

style profile geng grizzly 1 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

Look 1
Norse Projects Corduroy 5-Panel Cap
The Hill-Side “Large Roses” Bandana
Vintage JC Penney Hunting Jacket
Camber “Arctic Thermal” Hooded Sweatshirt
LL Bean “River Driver” Henley
Military BDU Shorts
Falke Merino Leggings
New Balance 1300’s

Describe how your personal style evolved to it’s current state?

Back when I was a kid, I had a clean pair of velcro Nike “Uptowns”…lowtops in white with a black check and black sole. I have the photo to prove it. I was also wearing a denim sweatsuit with red trim in said photo. While I feel like I have since struggled to replicate that level of splashiness, at least the core concepts have stuck through the years. I done swapped the denim suit for one of French terry cotton persuasion and dress for comfort, contrast, and construction. Triple C’s.…yahmean?!

Now I tend to build an outfit around a well-made, timeless piece, and decorate it with things from the “other side,” whether that means pairing up the vintage mountaineering with the “high fashion,” or jumping between the lanes of core function with active wear and military/factory worker garb. Growing up in NYC, especially Manhattan, played a huge role. If you cared at all, your mission was to find a way to stick out from the pack of thousands rocking on the same type of shit. Some do it in a real “I look like Grace Jones-meets-Rufio from Hook and I am fine with that” kind of way, while others try to be a bit less outlandish with it. I usually favor the more subtle approach of putting multiple worlds together and over the years have come to better grasp how to do so by playing with the finer details like fabric weight and texture.

style profile geng grizzly 4 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

style profile geng grizzly 5 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

style profile geng grizzly 6 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

Look 2
Military Surplus OD Wool Watch Cap
Vintage North Face (“Brown Label”) Down Vest
Norse Projects “Vorm” Pocket Sweatshirt
Vintage German Military “Raindrop Camo” Trousers
Falke “Walkie” Socks
PF Flyers “Bob Cousy” Lows

Has hip-hop influenced your personal style? What about its impact on your life in general?

By junior high, say ’92-93, I was able to start buying my own clothes and really try to get fly like our rap idols.  We were all into the North Face/Helly Hansen/Columbia/Nautica/Polo/Guess/Nike/Timberland shit because that was what we saw in the videos, magazines, and album covers/liner notes.  I was a Boot Camp Clik (Black Moon, Smif n Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, etc.) fanatic so I stayed rugged and utilitarian in military anoraks, my pops’ M-65 (early 70’s – ‘Nam), fatigues, and gore-tex boots.  The impact of hip-hop (as a New Yorker who had about 16 years of life before the Internet touched down) wasn’t really thought about, it just WAS.  As young adults, you either walked it or you tried really hard to do so (rarely to favorable results, as you can imagine).  Every borough had its own angle on style in general (from slang to preferred brands and sneakers that they’d rock).  It was all in the rap music…and we drank wild 40’s of O.E. and plastic cups of Henny because of it.

style profile geng grizzly 7 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

How did Fresh out the Box Radio and PTP come to be? Can you share a key experience or lesson from your time spent on these areas.

Purple Tape Pedigree was born in 2009.  I used to post often-forgotten hip-hop and hardcore/metal videos on Facebook and folks would pop up like, “start a blog…it’s free and you probably have really cool stories to share.”  I eventually did.  By late 2010, rap started to get really interesting again and I began posting mostly current releases on PTP.  By 2011, my ace Note (or James, as previously featured on this fine website) was in the mix.  He not only helped with the daily posts (bringing in his expertise of the UK’s respective grime and road scenes), but he moved the site off of Blogspot and made the layout look all types of sexy.  PTP wasn’t JUST us though, nothing ever is, so shout out to all of the invisible board members, silent investors, and loyal friends who have helped grow this into the mini-movement that it is today (air horn).

FOTB was part of the first wave of shows to be on BBOX Radio.  Originally, I was going to be a DJ on Headless Heroes (Monday’s funk/soul show on BBOX), but then the idea of “new and progressive hip-hop” came up and we jumped at it.  16 months later, we’re still getting drunk on the air, playing new rap before it becomes the “new shit,” and talking crazy with rappers and brand ambassadors, alike.

I’d say the key experience is actually EXPERIENCE.  Know your shit like you share a bed with it.  Spend a lot of time practicing your craft before and after and don’t ever get caught bragging about it on Twitter.  Finally, don’t over-think shit.  If it feels right after running it through the various “Shit I’ve learned up until this point” and the “Shit I’ve heard about from more experienced people” tests…then go for it.  Fuck it, it’s the Internet.

style profile geng grizzly 9 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

style profile geng grizzly 12 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

style profile geng grizzly 11 Style Profile: Geng Grizzly

Look 3
Masahiko Ono Repro Naval Watch Cap
OC x Pendleton F/W ’09 Wool Jacket
Patagonia “Down Sweater” Vest
Brooks Brothers Oxford Button-Down Shirt
Unis “Gio” Pants
Falke “Walkie” Socks
Clarks Waxed “Wallabees” (w/ new cotton laces)

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kyle style profile 1 Style Profile: Kyle

With each person I style profile for Third Looks I feel as though I get to know them better just through exploring what their wardrobe and personal style is like. While fashion is given a bad rap in terms of being materialistic and shallow, I think style is a really good indicator of someone’s creativity, character and influences.
When I first met Kyle I thought he dressed pretty low key but as I got to know him I realized his wardrobe had tons of depth and he always wore his pieces in creative ways. More so I feel that his sartorial choies are aligned with his personality and lifestyle and he makes it work for him. It’s easy to just fetishize pieces and grails but I think men would benefit from reflecting on their lifestyles and choosing the clothes that not only look great on the rack, but also fit the way they live.

kyle style profile 2 Style Profile: Kyle
Look 1
Mercedes-Benz hat
Comme des Garcons SHIRT FW10 vest
Uniqlo down jacket
Uniqlo shirt
V::Room crewneck
3.1 Philip Lim SS10 jeans
White Mountaineering FW10 boots

What sparked your interest in clothes and fashion?
I think I’ve probably always had an interest in clothes and making myself look at least halfway decent, but a lot of it really stems from interests in other things that have a strong focus on personal style.
For me snowboarding was always huge for this, along with different BMX styles of riding. Then came cars and the various scenes around that.  I guess I’ve always been drawn to these things that really embrace showing your personality and personal style through such conspicuously physical ways, so clothes are just an extension of that and an easy way to do it while living in New York since I’m not snowboarding, riding, or driving much anymore here. 
What thought process do you go through when shopping for new items?
This is a really good question as I can’t say it’s something I’ve ever thought about before. I guess I’m long past the point where I’m filling any (perceived) “holes” in my wardrobe, but I’ve gotta say I really like going out and seeing what’s out there.  I have some favorite shops I’ll always check and other ones I’ll just stumble in occasionally, but I think it’s important to get out there and see what’s going on. Part of this is that there is so much good stuff out there to be appreciated that I know I would never bother actually buying or wearing, since it just isn’t “me.”
The other part of this is that I try not to buy too much anymore so I’ll see how it could work in my wardrobe.  I’m not interested in buying some out-there piece that I would have to really tone down with other boring clothes – that just ends up looking like you never thought it through and are settling because you wanted to show off that one item so bad.  Not a good look in my eyes. And I definitely don’t want something that makes me think “well this would be so much better if I just bought item X or Y too.”  I want to take an out-there piece and integrate it with other stuff I have and just do it up, you know?  Make it look like it was always meant to be there. Less but better.

kyle style profile 3 Style Profile: Kyle

Look 2
Monitaly FW11 leather jacket
Nepenthes shirt
Uniqlo denim shirt
APC jeans
Visvim SS08 FBT

I think a good example of everything I just talked about is that leather Monitaly jacket.  I had always liked the ubiquitous Margiela 5-zip that they do every season in a few leathers/colors but it doesn’t work for me and I have no interest in making it do so.  There’s no denying it’s an iconic piece and a brilliant design though, so when I came across this Monitaly jacket it was like something clicked, and they got me.  It’s just this complete bastardization of the 5-zip, totally making fun of it with some overly Americana vibes in brown calf leather, with some big leather tassles on the zips, and wool knit cuffs.  That’s what I’m all about, just having fun with my style.  I had never bothered to buy a leather jacket before because I had never found The One, but this was it. It was perfect.  And I’m thinking to myself “Ok, wear this with some FBT’s and I’ll have tassles all over the place, cause why not, right?”
More looks after the jump