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With a huge snowstorm  currently making it’s way through the North East I thought there would be no better time to make this post recommending sweatpants for the season.  2013 was a big year for staying cozy and 2014 looks to be no different.  If you want to stay comfortable while making more than just corner bodega runs in sweats, you’ll be well served with any of the below options.

best sweatpants 2014 Sweatpants for 2014

Nike Tech Fleece Pant

These have Nike sweats have been hyped up and often sellout within hours when they drop online at I wasn’t sure they would live up to the acclaim but after getting two pairs for myself, I wholeheartly recommended these joints. The tech fleece material is lighter and provides great comfort without being any less warm. The zipper pockets at the back and left side of the pants keep your belongings safe and the cuffed design works well with a variety of sneakers and boots. Plus these are a relative steal at $80 retail.

Available at

best sweatpants 2014 2 Sweatpants for 2014

Thom Browne Drawstring Lounge Pants

You may have seen Lucas rocking these in the recent style profile, but these sweatpants are definitely winners. The branded tri-color cuffs and leg detail make this the perfect item to pair with TB shirting or if you’re really splashing out a Moncler Gamme Bleu outerwear piece. These will set you back a pretty penny at a retail price of over $550 but you can catch a detail over at SSENSE for the olive green ones. New Yorkers can find these at the Thom Browne shop-in-shop at Dover Street Market New York.

best sweatpants 2014 3 Sweatpants for 2014

Tartan Sweatpant by Wings + Horns for Steven Alan

These joints by Wings and Horns will get  get the job done. A classy drawstring detail and a slimish fit and non-descript heather grey cotton round out the features on these sweats. Scoop these at Steven Alan on sale for $136.

best sweatpants 2014 4 Sweatpants for 2014

Norse Projects – Gustav Wool Pant 

A wool/cotton blend  and plenty of color choices make this a solid contender. Norse Project delivers good quality basics at reasonable prices and once again that’s the case here. The above ‘fig’ colorway keeps things civilized enough that you could theoretically wear these to a wine and cheese without getting laughed at.

best sweatpants 2014 5 Sweatpants for 2014

WTAPS Hellweek Sweats

Mil-spec specialists WTAPS puts out the heavy-weight Hellweek sweatpants. Quite a bit of branding on here but if you have other WTAPS gear to pair with this, these sweats are an easy choice. 168 EURO at Firmament.

best sweatpants 2014 6 Sweatpants for 2014

Y-3 Track Pants

I spotted these in the Y-3 boutique this past week but didn’t get a chance to try them on unfortunately. I definitely liked the material and technical details and I didn’t mind the placement of the logo hit either. These feel luxe, and you can scoop em in-store at the Y-3 store or find them on sale at Memes.

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chesterfield coat 6 The Chesterfield Coat

chesterfield coat 7 The Chesterfield Coat

Grind Magazine Vol.36

In colder weather, it’s hard to strike that balance between warmth, practicality and  unique style. A key piece for Fall and Winter dressing is a solid wool coat. The chesterfield coat fills this role particularly well. I’m partial to single breasted pieces in wool or camel but you can feel free to experiment with the different color options out there. While this coat is generally worn with more tailored  clothing, I really like to see it dressed down with either slim fitting trousers or skinny jeans and sneakers. You can experiment with both subtle minimalist sneakers and bulkier more attention grabbing models. For dressier occasions layer a button down underneath a knit and pair this it with a pair of oxfords or brogues.

More examples of chesterfields worn well after the jump

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 Interview with Our Legacy by Sven Eselgroth

Photographer Sven Eselgroth contacted me to share an interview with menswear brand Our Legacy he had conducted while he was touring Scandinavia this past summer. Sven visited lead designer and brand co-founder Christopher Nying at their studios. In the interview Christopher touches base on the brands roots, inspirations and future, all accompanying photos in this feature are by Sven.

 Can you describe your design education?

I studied art and fashion communication and I think that led to the clothing because I was working with clothes during this time. At first I studied very fine art – sculpture and painting. Then graphic design, fashion communication, illustration and some photography. I didn’t really want to do that, but at the same time we started Our Legacy and made graphic t-shirts, which suited me quite well because it was really conceptual. We didn’t set out to purposely make clothing, it was more about expression. We tried to understand what sub-culture a particular t-shirt came from and create a look with it. The prints were inspired by lots of different ideas such as punk, skate, football hooligans in the 80s… Today we are coming back to those inspirations again. It doesn’t need to be very specific sub-cultures but I think there are new ones growing today that we’re not even aware of yet which could be quite interesting. Time feels like it goes faster today, people are more aware of what is happening socially and politically due to the newsfeeds.

Read the rest of the interview after the jump

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Video shot and edited by Goodwin Cities Aviv (Gavin Mays) is a musician who defies easy categorization. His lyrical content fluctuates between braggadocios and contemplative; his voice set to raw. spacy production that sits miles apart from most contemporary rap . Meeting him it’s clear that Cities is at once a product of his environment and also someone who defies it. I met Gavin around the time of his Black Pleasure mixtape releases on the PTP radio show Fresh out the Box. I remember hearing his tracks and interview and appreciating his left field approach to music making. Nearly a year later I had the chance to interview Cities. I spoke to him about his Memphis roots, his personal style and his continued desire to be different from everyone else. The interview is spliced with visuals from an afternoon aimlessly roaming Chinatown. Special thanks to Goodwin for killing it on editing and shooting the video. Be sure to check out Cities’ new release URL IRL off his forthcoming album Come To Life. You can Cities Aviv on twitter for more updates. See accompanying photos of Cities after the jump

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alan classroom shop 6 Alan of The Class Room Houston

The Classroom shop is a Houston based men’s boutique and online retailer that carries brands including Our Legacy, Norse Projects, APC and Unis. Alan is one of the co-owner at the shop and Houston based photographer Brandon Mahler linked up with him to snap some images of his day to day outfits. Click through to see the entire set including pieces by Visvim, APC, Beams Plus and more.

Be sure to check Brandon’s Tumblr, more looks after the jump

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craft beer goons 5 Craft Beer Goons Vol.2

We’re back with another edition of Craft Beer Goons, this time we reviewed the brews at a remote location upstate. Summer is over and Halloween is around the corner and this should help you pick out something for BBQs , parties and just kicking it with the homies. We picked out a new batch of craft beers that we drank in quick succession and reviewed for your enjoyment. In addition to the regular PTP review crew (Geng & Note) Alex from Steady Bloggin threw his opinions into the ring. Before you read these reviews be sure to watch this clip on YouTube, so you know the mindset we were in after drinking a few of these joints.

This time around we review the following

Ommegang Game of Thrones Iron Throne Blonde Ale

Dogfish Head Hellhound on my Ale

Dogfish Head Positive Contact by Dan the Automator

Southern Tier Plum Noir Imperial Porter 

Read the reviews after the jump

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stylistics space 8 Conversation with Stephen of Stylistics Space

Stephen with Hiroki Nakamura at FIL (Photo by Josay)

If you care about the types of Japanese brands and products I like to feature here, you may have come across Stylistics Space before. Stylistics Space is a Sendai-based webshop run by Stephen Marzano, an ex-pat American who is an enthusiast and expert when it comes to brands like Visvim, WTAPS, Supreme, Goodenough and Neighborhood. Stephen is a proxy shopper for buyers outside Japan and his service comes highly recommended. Stephen was gracious enough to answer some of my questions on a variety of topics ranging from the ura harajuku scene to the what he’s learned proxying for years. 

stylistics space 5 Conversation with Stephen of Stylistics Space

Stylistics Space Instagram

When did you move to Japan? What was the retail scene like when you first got there? 

I moved out here to Japan (Sendai) a little over six years ago, back in 2007.  The retail scene here in Sendai (North of Tokyo) was/is definitely a lot smaller than in Tokyo, but it surprised me a lot.  For a relatively small city, I didn’t expect the retail scene to be so big and vibrant.  I can’t really think of a brand, Japanese or otherwise, that wasn’t/isn’t available here through a stockist, if not through it’s own shop branch here.

 How did you begin your site Stylistics Space and what product do you like to share through it? 

Initially, it was simply a way for me to move old gear of my own.  I think I had brought some old pieces of mine to a recycle shop here to sell a long time ago and was just blown away at how low the prices were that they offered me.  I would rather have given them away to friends or just skated in them than sell them for the prices they offered me.  But at the same time, auction sites weren’t worth the trouble and I got tired of trying to move stuff on the chat forums.  With that said, I started up my first blog and after a short while, people started asking if I had any other sizes. After I noticed the interested, when I was making my weekly rounds to the recycle shops, I decided to start keeping an eye out for pieces that I thought people might appreciate and that were priced well, even if they weren’t my size.

As for product on the site, I tend to just stick to what I know and wear myself which is why it’s really heavy on brands like WTaps, Neighborhood, etc.  I appreciate a lot of different aesthetics and designers, but it’s just more fun to stick to what I know/enjoy and leave the rest to the proxy side of the business.

stylistics space 1 Conversation with Stephen of Stylistics Space

Read the rest of the interview after the jump

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Interview David Hellqvist An Interview with David Hellqvist

David Hellqvist (Photo by Felicity Ieraci via Stamp Magazine)

If you follow menswear on a regularly, a name that should keep popping up in your feed is David Hellqvist. He’s paid his dues in the industry working as the online editor for Dazed Digital (the online accompaniment to Dazed & Confused) before moving on to his current role as online editor at Port Magazine. I spoke with David about experiences as a menswear journalist and got him to share some of the wisdom he’s accrued over the past few years.

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viberg boots 9 Interview with Brett and Guy of Viberg Boot

Today I’m proud to bring you an interview I did with Brett Viberg and Guy Ferguson, two of the people steering the ship at Viberg Boot. Viberg is a Canadian owned and operated family business, based in Victoria, British Columbia. In 1931  founder Ed Viberg set out to craft the highest quality boots he could. That dedication to product is still at the heart of everything Viberg does. While the boots were originally targeted to workers in the logging industry, the brand has been in successful in reaching a more fashion conscious market partially due to collaborations with Inventory Magazine, Flathead and most recently Nigel Cabourn.  I spoke with Brett and Guy about some of latest developments at Viberg and the challenges of expanding the audience of a storied Canadian brand.

Read the feature after the jump (All the beautiful Black & White shots of the Viberg factory/offices were shot by Guy himself)

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eugene kan 1 Interview with Eugene Kan Managing Editor of Hypebeast

In less than a decade Hypebeast has grown from a simple blog into a media empire in it’s own right. Site founder Kevin Ma began the site in 2005 and since then it’s  become a definitive online destination for anyone interested in men’s fashion. In the past year Hypebeast launched both an online store AND a print publication Hypebeast Magazine.

I had the opportunity to pick the brain of Eugene Kan, who is the Managing Editor at Hypebeast. Eugene has been at the center of Hypebeast’s evolution into these new ventures and in this interview he shares some of the why’s and how’s behind the expansion.  We also touch on other topics including the proliferation of streetwear online, his favorite retail shops worldwide and how the men’s fashion market is changing throughout Asia.

Read the interview after the jump

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